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Tips to reduce errors in writing


When you are writing in English, errors are bound to happen, especially if you are not a native English speaker. For an English learning student, we have collated a few handy tips that can help you write in English better without the common errors. These tips will definitely help you at work while drafting emails and short text messages.


Handy tips to reduce errors while writing in English

1. Keep it simple

Make sure to keep it short and simple. Draft short sentences of not more than 20 words and ensure to express one idea per sentence. Write in active form as most of us tend to make mistakes while drafting passive sentences.

2. Write less

Writing is all about quality over quantity. Therefore, give yourself time, write less but ensure to read it over and over again. Check for grammar, spelling mistakes and sentence structure.

3. Get your word order correct

Remember the abbreviation, SVOMPT, which stands for, subject, verb, object, manner, place and time. For example: I like to play badminton in the morning.


4. Don’t forget to edit

Writing involves two different tasks. The art of creative writing that requires freedom of thought to express oneself truly, and editing that calls for a good eye to detail. Therefore, bifurcate these two tasks. First, draft your article and then give it a break before you edit. Usually, if you edit just after you have drafted a write-up, you might overlook the common errors.

5. Get a print of your writing

Once you are done with the final draft, get a print and read it. This way you can spot the errors that went unnoticed earlier. You can also ask your friends or family members to have a look at your draft and share their opinions. Take feedbacks in a constructive way and work towards your English writing skills.


Writing in English can help you improve your English speaking as well. But, it is important to practice and keep on writing. You can start your personal blog and pen down your thoughts. This way, you can enjoy the freedom to express yourself in words. English is the global language of communication and if you master to speak and write well in English, you can grow exponentially in your personal and professional life. Our online spoken English program helps you achieve growth on both the fronts. Join us to speak English with confidence.

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-By Chander Madan

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