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How to describe an interview to your friend?


Interviews are certainly one of the most nerve-wracking as well as exciting time in anybody's life. Well, that's probably because you know that you are going to be judged for every word you utter, on the way you greet and on the way you present yourself in front of the interviewee. Therefore, having attended an interview raises a curiosity in the mind of your near and dear ones as to what went about behind those four walls, what were the questions thrown at your way and every little detail that took place as a course of the interviewing process.


Having your friend ask you to describe your interview could get a little intimidating, especially if you are unsure about your English speaking fluency. That's when you could do with a little help, in the English language.

describing an interview

Conversation example of describing an interview to your friend:

Jena- Hey Rube's... How was your interview?

Ruby- Don't ask! A grilling session that lasted for three long hours.

Jena- Are you serious? Three hours! What really happened? Tell me from the start.

Ruby- So, I walked into their office at 10 am sharp. Soon enough, the receptionist instructed me to a cabin where three interviewees were seated.

Jena- Scary!

Ruby- It really was. After we all introduced each other, the questioning session began.

Jena- What all did they ask?

Ruby- They asked me everything from my age, to my experience, work profile, interests, family, and many more.

Jena- Interesting. Then?

Ruby- After the interrogation session, they handed a paper over to me and asked me to sit in the adjacent room and complete the content test.

Jena- Was that difficult?

Ruby- It was somewhat confusing yet I had fun completing that test. Content is my forte and so I was done pretty quickly. I proofread everything and an hour later submitted my paper.

Jena- They made you wait for the result, right?

Ruby- Yes. They asked me to wait in the reception area and twenty minutes later, I was called back in. They then told me that they liked my writing style and started throwing work related technical terms my way.

Jena- You knew all of those terms?

Ruby- Luckily, I could answer each and every question and smiled throughout for which they even mentioned how confident I was and how much they loved the positive vibe I exuded.

Jena- That's great!

Ruby- Yes. Eventually we got chatting about the possibility of me getting the job and my work profile if I were to be selected. I also ensured to ask them about my package and mentioned my expectations.

Jena- Nice.

Ruby- About half an hour later, our conversation ended and they told me that they would give me a call in two days at the maximum, if I were the selected candidate.

Jena- So, are two days over? Did they call?

Ruby- Yes. I got a call and I'm their new employee...

Jena- Wow! Congrats Rubes... I'm sure they will not regret their decision.

Ruby- Thank you and I hope so too!


There you have it, a simple conversation in Basic English describing the entire interview process to your friend. Easy? Of course, it is! All you've got to concentrate is on your English communication skills and your spoken English fluency.

All the best!

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