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How to solve an employee query in HR department?


You are the HR executive in ABC Company and are tasked with dealing with employees' queries and problems. You wish to do your job perfectly and be of assistance to every employee. Solving an employee's doubt satisfactorily is of importance to an HR executive. This is because HR department is often the internal face of an organization. The goodwill of the employees depends on how the Human Resources personnel treat them. Portray a professional image in front of your company's employees with the help of fluent English conversational skills.

The faster an HR executive solves an employee query the better. Employees often come to the HR department in search of urgent matters regarding their leaves, salary etc. It is better to alleviate their anxiety by giving full information quickly. All in all, HR executives should portray professionalism and empathy while dealing with employees. They should be an icon of how the company regards its workforce.

In no case, they should portray arrogance or be impolite. Employees can get the wrong ideas in such scenarios and will start losing faith in the company. Non-responsiveness of the HR department is one of the major reasons for the high attrition rate in the companies. It is up to HR personnel to treat and organization's human resources well. If you are unsure of how to deal with employees, refer to the below sample conversation on how to solve queries in fluent English.

Sample Conversation

Ram: Hello, is this the HR department?

You: Yes, this is. Who is on line?

Ram: This is Ram calling from the marketing department.

You: Yes, Ram. How can I help you?

Ram: Last week I completed my probation and am eligible for monthly leaves. I wish to apply for a paid leave this month and was wondering what the process is. Since I am new to this company and its policies, processes, will you please guide me?

You: Sure, it's very simple. Just send an email requesting your manger informing him about the leave. He will intimate me.

Ram: Should I keep you in CC?

You: You may keep if you want, but it is not compulsory.

Ram: All right. Isn't there a form to be filled initially?

You: Not at the moment. You have to fill it at the end of the month so that both of us can keep track of your leaves.

Ram: Okay. Thanks for your help.

You: My pleasure! Have a nice day.

The above sample conversation shows how you can confidently solve an employee query to his satisfaction. You may encounter many situations and scenarios where the employees might need your assistance. Use the above sample as a guideline on how to handle various employee queries. Fast and accurate guidance will portray your department's professionalism and will leave a long lasting impression on the employees. You can enhance your interaction with the help of confident English speaking abilities, which can be learned with the help of an online English tutor. Practice with your colleagues for the highest confidence in spoken English.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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