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How to describe the project you are handling or have handled?


You are the senior project manager at a global MNC company and are attending a company annual get together. You get a chance to interact with your colleagues in other departments and even the higher management. The head of the finance department interacts with you and asks about the current project that you are handling? How will you describe your current, past or future project in an utmost professional manner? How will you take advantage of great networking opportunities with the help of fluent English speaking skills?

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Things to remember while describing a project that you are handling:

1. Talk about past projects

Many a times, you may have handled multiple projects, throughout your career. You should try to describe them in brief and concise English. Try to impress your listeners by giving as short a description as possible as lengthy descriptions will soon bore them.

2. Talk about your current project

The best description should be kept for the project that you are currently working upon. Tell the name of the project, your team, the nature of your project and the time since you have started working on it. If possible, include an end time also. Use grammatically correct English sentences while speaking.

3. Talk about your initiatives

This is the time when you can describe your initiatives and accomplishments. Don't be modest here and describe this section in details. You may make an impact over higher authorities and who knows? You may even be recommended for promotion.


Sample Conversation for project description:

Situation:- You are the project manager for Net Magic and you are taking part in a company hosted event. The finance manager walks by:

Joshi: Hello Mr. Ranjit, How are you?

You: I am fine, Mr. Joshi. What about you?

Joshi: I am fine too. So, how is work going on?

You: Very hectic. How's yours?

Joshi: Same here. Tell me, which projects are you handling currently?

You: I am handling the Xbox development project right now. It's a huge workforce of about 50 resources.

Joshi: Yeah. I have heard about it. It's pretty important for Net Magic's future plans. Have you handled any other projects before?

You: I have handled Johnson and Johnson, Cipla and Aditya Birla to name a few. They have been a valuable experience.

Joshi: That's nice. Can you describe your project in detail? Like what is the nature of your project, deadlines and major initiatives?

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You: Sure! Xbox project is about the global gaming platform, it seeks to create a comprehensive medium for users to play online multiplayer games. The project is a year old and will take a further two years. I have personally handpicked the best talent for this project. I have striven to make this project stick to deadlines and am proud to say that we have achieved 98 percent of our current goals. Also, under my supervision, the wastage level is only around 2 percent.

Joshi: 2 percent! Wow that might be a record. Well Mr. Ranjit, you are sure to do well in your project. All the best!

The above pointers and sample conversation show how to describe the project you are handling. Using proper English conversations is a key for great first impressions. Polish your English further with the help of an online English teacher.

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- By Shailja Varma

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