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Types of letters in English


Letters are an essential thing in our life. Knowing how to write it properly in English is an important skill that needs to be learnt. Writing letters in today’s digital world might sound a bit odd but it is not out of fashion. Writing letters creates a strong relationship with the recipient. In today’s blog we will help with the types of letters in English.


5 Different types of letters you need to know

Thank you letter

Thank you letters are sent to thank people formally for something. You can use the thank you letter to thank someone for attending the event that you hosted or helping you with something etc. Writing a thank you letter shows the time and appreciation that you took. While writing a thank you letter you can use the below phrases:

You have my heartfelt thanks.
It was very kind of you to…
I am touched by your generous gift.
I really appreciate your [gift / assistance].
Thanks so much for…
I was thrilled to receive your gift.

2. Cover letter

A cover letter is written when you apply for job. It provides information about why you are qualified for the position you’re applying for. A perfect and effective cover letter may help you obtain a job and it should be personalized every time you apply for a job. You can use the below phrases while writing a cover letter:

It would be my pleasure to arrange a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.
As you can see from my resume…
Thank you for your consideration.
My (your skill) makes me an excellent candidate for this position.
I learned about this opportunity from…

3. Follow-up letter

A follow-up letter is sent when you have already contacted someone. Generally, a follow-up letter is written to check for someone’s response on a thing or to thank someone after a meeting. A follow-up letter is to be sent about a week after your last contact. You can use the below phrases while writing a follow-up letter:

I’m writing to confirm…
I look forward to hearing from you / meeting you again.
It was a pleasure speaking with you about…
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on [date].
I’d appreciate a response regarding…

4. Resignation letter

A resignation letter is a formal letter that is handed over to the employer by the employee while leaving a job. This letter should be in a positive and polite way. To sound very polite you can use below phrases:

My experience with XYZ company has been valuable.
I will be happy to assist in training my replacement in my remaining time with the company.
I am writing to inform you of my resignation from Sales Executive, effective 02nd November 2016.
Thank you for the opportunities and experiences you’ve offered me.

5. Complaint letter

A letter of complaint letter is something which is negative and brings to the attention of the recipient the issues. It is often offensive and rude. You can use the following phrases and make the letter sound less rude:

I am dissatisfied with…
I am writing to report an issue I experienced with…
I’d like to bring an error to your attention....

The above letters can be also written in emails. You can write it in both ways, whichever is suitable to you. The above blog helps you to apply to jobs, resign from jobs and even complain without offending anyone. Make sure you use a fluent English to communicate.

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