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How to follow up on a quotation?


The month end is a time of stress and tension for every professional, more so if your job is target bound. Whether you are a bank employee, marketing agent or a salesman, you know how important it is to make sure that you achieve your target, and if possible, do a little extra. This will not only save your job, but consistently good performance will make you the star employee!

This sounds very good, but it is easier said than done! Meeting your monthly targets require hard work and skills, and if your job requires acquiring and dealing with clients, English speaking is one of the key skills you need to posses. Speaking with a client in fluent English will not only impress your prospective client, but also do half of your job.

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Imagine, you are talking to a sales person who is convincing you to buy a scientific calculator. Will you be interested if the person’s communication skills are shabby – he can’t even properly explain what the product is and how it functions! English fluency helps you to communicate with confidence and ease, which in turn speaks a lot about your personality.

Another aspect of acquiring clients is sending out quotations, and then following up. This is a very important process, as whether you get a client or not totally depends on how well you draft your quotation. After you have sent the quotation and waited for the client’s reply, it is time for a follow up. How will you do that? There are a few points you should keep in mind while making a follow up call.

Tips for an effective follow-up:

· Keep it subtle: Bear in mind, just the way you are eager to get this client, there must be others too. When you make a follow up call, first introduce yourself, ask about the client’s well-being and subtly ask him whether he has gone through your quotation and taken a decision. Do not sound pushy or too eager.

· Give the client thinking space: Whether it is buying a simple appliance or a heavy duty machine, everyone needs time to consider, compare and make an informed decision about the various options available. Again, the key to following up is to make sure that you highlight the positive aspects of your product, without actually boasting. After you have made your pitch, give the client thinking time to make a decision.

· Ask for a time frame: Before ending your follow up call, ask the client when you can call up next. Ensure that you convince the client that you are ready to work around the client’s convenience.  Ask him what will be the best time to speak to him and by when is he expected to make a decision. Always end the call on a positive note.

These are a few points that one should incorporate in their follow up call. Needless to say, make sure that your spoken English is impeccable.

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- By Shailja Varma

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