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How to delegate a new task to a new employee?


When working in an office, you simply cannot do without having expertise over spoken English. As important it is to have a good command over a skill required to do your job with perfection, it is equally essential that you be able to speak in English.


Right from giving the job interview to having day-to-day conversations with your colleagues, English speaking plays a key role. We have helped you with various tips and blogs on how you can interact with your colleagues in different situations, write official mails, discuss your performance appraisal with your manager, or give feedback to another employee.

Out of the many situations in an office where you are required to speak in English, one is where you need to delegate a task to an employee. In today’s blog, let’s learn how you can do that.

Delegating a task to a new employee

new employee
Let’s take a situation where you are the team leader in a BPO. A new employee has joined in and you have to train her. You are required to assign a task to her, and this is how you can do it:

You: Hello, Swati. How are you doing?

Swati: Hello. I am good. How are you?

You: I am good. Thank you. I hope you are ready to get started with the work.

Swati: Yes. I am eager to get started. What should I do for today?

You: Take a seat. I’ll assign you a task and let’s take it from there.

Swati: I’ll get a pen and writing pad to take down notes.

You: Here, you can take this one. So, now let me brief you about the work process here. Every employee has an individual username and password that is used to log in every day. This way all the work, you do and your working hours are recorded by the server. I’ll create one for you. Here you go.

Swati: Okay. Can I change the password, if I want to?

You: Yes, you can. Now, this is the interface where we can view the tasks assigned to us. Once completed, all you have to do is click on this button here and it will get registered. I will assign you a sample task for today, just so that you can understand the work and get a hang of it. The work is simple; all you have to do is fill in the information in this form. To write the short and long description, you will have to use the internet. Make sure that the information you get is authentic. Ensure to crosscheck it from various websites and sources. Any questions?

Swati: Not right now. Let me start and if I have a doubt, I’ll approach you

You: That’s perfect. Start right away.

One to one conversations like these require you to speak English confidently and flawlessly. I hope you keep practicing and improving!

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- By Chander Madan

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