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How to interrupt politely in English?


We often face this situation, where we don’t want to interrupt someone but there is no alternative option but to interrupt them. This needs to be done with utmost care and very politely with good usage of words and the tone of the voice. A good communicator is always recognized by the way he communicates. You must remember one thing before interrupting for an urgent work - words and tone of voice must be in control and accurate proportion.


In this article, we will discuss about the phrases which can be used as well as the phrases that need to be avoided while interrupting someone.

1. Excuse me (add name), may I add to that?

E.g. Excuse me Mr. Kabir, may I add this urgent point on which we have to work on.

2. I am sorry to interrupt but…

E.g. I am sorry to interrupt but I have one more suggestion to add.

3. Do you mind if I jump in here?

E.g. Do you mind if I jump on agenda of today’s meeting.

4. Can I stop you there for a moment?

E.g. Can I stop you there for a moment? I want to share an unknown thing related to this.

5. Can I just butt in for a second?

E.g. Can I just butt in for a second? Mr Karan you have a phone call from the company ABC Pvt Ltd.

6. Can I just say something here?

E.g.  No, you are giving different turn to the subject, can I just say something here?

7. Excuse me for interrupting but…

E.g. Excuse me for interrupting but there is an emergency case Dr. Salvi.

8. Before you go on, I would like to say something

E.g. Before you go on, I would like to show a video based on our topic of conversation.

Phrases that must be avoided in formal communication:

1. Wait a minute.
2. Be quiet.
3. It’s my turn to talk.
4. What did you say?
5. I am not getting, what are you talking about?
6. What was that?
7. You are not listening to me, I said… /But I already said…
8. Just hold on, first I will share.
9. One quick thing…
10. Can I say something
11. Just let me say…
12. Just one thing…

The above statements show arrogance, harshness and unprofessional way of communication. One should avoid use of it in formal communication and talks.Avoid these phrases and use formal and polite phrases in your communication. Speak fluent English as it gives a great impression.

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-By Chander Madan

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