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Function of Fallopian Tube


What are Uterine Tubes?


What is a Fallopian tube?

The Fallopian tubes are two tubes leading from the ovaries of female.

It is commonly known as oviducts, uterine tubes.

It is leading from the ovaries of human female into the uterus through the utero-tubal junction.


Anatomy and Histology

The fallopian tubes are acting as a passage of the egg from the ovary to the uterus.
It has many segments.

  • The infundibulum - located near the ovary along with fimbriae
  • The ampullary region -major portion of the lateral tube
  • The isthmus  - The narrower part of the tube links to the uterus
  • The tubal ostium - the tubal canal meets the peritoneal cavity.

Two types of cells in the Fallopian tube.

1. Ciliated cells: predominate throughout the tube, but are most numerous in the infundibulum and ampulla.
2. Peg cells: contain apical granules & produce the tubular fluid. Spermatozoa, oocytes, & zygotes are present in the liquid.


Function in Fertilization

Ovum is encapsulated by an ovarian follicle. On maturity of the ovum, the follicle and the ovary's wall rupture which allows the ovum to come out. This is known as ovulation.

The egg meets the sperm and fertilization occurs. The fertilized ovum is called as a zygote. It travels towards the uterus and implanted into the uterus wall.



The release of a mature egg

After the menstruation, again the reproductive cycle starts and release egg every month.

Occasionally the embryo implants into the Fallopian tube results with ectopic pregnancy. It is also known as a "tubal pregnancy’.

Because the embryo starts its growth in the Fallopian Tube itself and it is very unsafe for both mother and child.

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