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5 everyday idioms one must know


In our day to day conversation, we use many words and expressions to explain our situation. These days people at work use idioms to express their day to day work happenings. If you happen to join a new organisation and hear a lot of idiomatic expressions, then don’t take it the other way. Idioms are an expression that have figurative meaning and do not carry a literal meaning. The only way to understand these idioms is by knowing their meaning and using it daily in your English conversations. Let us learn some daily idioms that can be used while communicating.


5 must know daily idioms

1. Barking up the wrong tree

Meaning – Barking up the wrong tree means when you ask the wrong person or you make the wrong choice or expect something from the wrong person.

E.g. It is of no use. Why are you asking him? It is like barking up the wrong tree.

2. Feel a bit under the weather

Meaning – You use this idiom when you are ill or when you are suffering from a hangover. In short, you just don’t feel healthy.

E.g. After yesterday’s cocktail party, I feel a bit under the weather.

3. At the 11th hour

Meaning – This idiom means doing something in the last minute or at the last moment. You can use this idiom when you want to say that you have been delayed.

E.g. I don’t know how I am going to complete this project. I started it at the 11th hour.

4. Call a spade a spade

Meaning – Call a spade a spade means to be blunt and outspoken. It might also sound unpleasant. The person might speak frankly about what he/she feels and does not manipulate it to sound correct. He/she might prefer speaking the truth.

E.g. Sonakshi is a brave  woman and she only speaks the truth. She doesn’t care if people call a spade a spade.

5. Once in a blue moon

Meaning – This is famous, the well-known idiom used very commonly in offices. It means very rare or occasionally. If something happens  rarely then it is said to happen once in a blue moon.

Example -  Appraisals happen once in a blue moon.

The above five idioms are used commonly in day to day conversations. We will list next set of idioms in our next blog. Till then practice these idioms and improve your English communication skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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