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How to discuss about appraisals with your manager?


The budget season brings with it a lot of tension – increased taxes, hiked prices and the new norms. However, it also brings with it the time for the appraisal. This is the time of the year that every professional waits for, because this is the time when they will be rewarded and appraised on the basis of their performance in the past year.

As you must be aware, a general appraisal procedure starts with filling an appraisal form, followed by a personal discussion with your senior. And both these things are done in one language – English.

This is the reason why we have been stressing on the need to learn English and improving spoken English for one and all. Through our articles, blogs and online English speaking courses you can easily achieve the English fluency that can take you to places!


To fill the form is just as crucial as your one-on-one with your senior. Through both these procedures, you need to highlight your positive points, your achievements, contribution towards your organization and your future plans for enhancing your performance. Needless to say, it is quite a tiring and demanding work. As always, we are here to help you and give you a rough idea on how you can negotiate for an appraisal!

Practice conversation:

You have filled and submitted your form and now you are facing your manager, discussing your appraisal with him. This is how you can do it.

You: Good afternoon, sir.

strategic planning
Manager: Good afternoon, Sneha. Have a seat.

You: Thank you.

Manager: I went through your appraisal form, and I must say it is quiet interesting. You have really worked hard and have proved your mettle.

You: Thank you for the appreciation. I always try to give my best to the work assigned to me.

Manager: Quiet a perfectionist you are, and I like that about you. However, I have a few doubts here and there. In your personal achievements section, you have mentioned bagging the account for Shimla drinks. If I remember, it wasn’t your job alone, but you were working in a team of three people.

You: You are right, sir. The task was assigned to Rohit, Sameer and me. All three of us had drafted a quotation and sent for approval, but it was my quotation that was approved and sent to the client. After that, I was solely responsible for following up and assisting the client. Hence, I have listed that account under my personal achievement. I hope that justifies it.

Manager: Oh! Yes, of course. If it was you who did all the legwork, then you should get the credit for it as well. As for your future plans, you mention that you wish to try your hand in diverse job roles. Could you please explain what do you mean by that?

You: Right now I am responsible for bringing in accounts and following up with the clients. In the future, I wish to take on more dynamic roles in areas like strategic planning and executing the plans. It will not only broaden my understanding of the business, but also, help me understand and cater to the client needs in a much better way.

Manager: That’s impressive. That will be all, Sneha. You can take a leave now.

You: Thank you for your time sir. Good bye.

Manager: Good bye.

discussing appraisal
This is how you can highlight your positive points without sounding too pushy. This is just an example of how you can negotiate with your manager and impress him with your spoken English skills. Take this as a practice and work on your English fluency. All the best!

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- By Chander Madan

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