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Why is Daily Practice Important to Learn a New Language?


Learning a new language is always exciting, especially if you put in some creativity and loads of practice. Take a small trip down the memory lane, when you were younger about ten years old. Back in school we all were made to write one word about ten to fifteen times to make sure we've got the spelling right and that we remember it perfectly well.

Practice Important

Similarly, the repetitive method is extremely crucial even today when you are learning English, as it helps you to improve your communication skills and gives you a confidence about how to speak in English fluently.

Write it down:

Write Down 

As and when you come across some words/ sentences that you know and are not able recollect or are finding it difficult, it is only smart that you write it down. Writing it down will help you maintain a tab on your weak points and as and when you find the time you can refer to those notes and keep reading out those sentences/ words aloud in a repetitive manner to embed them in your memory.

Enroll for online English speaking courses:

online English speaking courses 

Enrolling for English speaking courses online gives you a great opportunity to opt for customized classes that suit your shortcomings. This is an extremely effective way of learning English online and that too straight from the professionals who cater to this field. These online courses meet the different needs of different people and are best suited for individuals who prefer a different learning style other than the conventional ones.

Innovative Practice Techniques:

If you're bored of the conventional styles of practicing English, bring in some creativity. You can add that needed spice of motivation by adapting new practice techniques like:

o Have a conversation in English aloud with yourself in front of the mirror.

o Call a close friend and have a hearty chat with him/ her in English.

o Play English oriented games like scrabble.

o Speak to your siblings in English.

o Read aloud difficult words from the dictionary repeatedly to learn them.

o Read up on inspirational quotes and update them as your social networking status.

Innovative Practice techniques

It was once said by a very smart man that, "Practice makes a man perfect". Just follow these simple tricks and innovative techniques to assist you in acquiring the English language and in no time, you will be able to improve your English speaking skills without any problem. Keep Practicing!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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