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How to learn English through Twitter?


Twitter has emerged as one of the biggest online social networking platform in recent years. Everybody wants to join twitter and be heard. From celebrities to high profile politicians to big brands, you can keep up to date on everything happening around you by following Twitter profiles. But, did you know this platform can also help you learn and improve your English fluency. Twitter is a good way to learn English in small doses. The maximum post is approx. 140 characters and hence, it is much simpler than reading long chunk of texts.

How Twitter can help improve English?


Are you on Twitter? If not, don’t worry, make a profile right away and read  how you can explore this social media platform to gain knowledge.

1. Follow your favorite newspaper

  If reading newspaper articles on a daily basis is not your cup of tea, you can follow a newspaper on Twitter and read short sentences to improve your reading skills. As a Twitter feed gets updated every few seconds, you get a chance to learn new words every minute. Isn’t it the best tool to improve your vocabulary?

2. Join communities

  On Twitter, you have the freedom to follow only the accounts that you are interested in. Naturally, reading on topics of your interest will motivate you to read often and improve your English. You can follow people or profiles of your interest. You can engage in community conversations and discuss on topics using hashtags. It is always fun to get connected with like-minded people.

3. Use hashtags

  Tweets are categorized based on hashtags. So, if you want to learn English, you can use popular hashtags, such as #learnenglish, #grammar, #engchat, #twinglish etc., and improve your English language. You can not only improve your communication but also start your own communities while using popular hashtags.


Popular accounts to follow

1. @eagespoken
2. @english247
3. @EnglishStudy
4. @Grammarly
5. @EnglishLeap

These are some popular Twitter accounts that can help you learn English. These pages share English and grammar related tips and also occasionally post tests and exercises to help you practice.


Social media platforms have evolved to become more than just places to interact with your friends. They are learning platforms that can help each of us gain knowledge in our field of interest. So, next time you log in to your Facebook account, make sure to learn a thing or two from the grammar pages. Also, do participate in occasional contest and quizzes to practice your English. Such an easy way to improve English and have fun simultaneously.

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- By Chander Madan

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