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How to Ask a Waiter for his Recommendations?


To visit your favorite food joint or restaurant is always exciting- the ambience, the food, the service, but what about the conversation you hold with your attendant/ waiter? Do prolonged conversations requesting for your meal and drinks intimidate you? Let that not be the case anymore.


By now you've probably had enough practice behind the curtain, it's time for the curtain raiser. Live practice is the best form of practice as it gives you an idea of how much your spoken English has improved and the areas that still need adequate amount of practice. It is an effective way to improve your English speaking skills and fluency.

In such situations, always be confident. Even if you happen to make a mistake, it isn't such big a deal anyway. Cut yourself some slack and experience the rush as you speak.

Cut some slack and experience

Situation: You have entered a 5 star restaurant and are directed to your table, you take a seat and start scanning through the elaborate menu.

Conversational Example:

Waiter: Good Evening Ma'am/ Sir. Would you prefer regular or mineral water?

You: I would like to have a bottle of mineral water. Could you please ensure it's not very cold?

Waiter: Sure Ma'am/ Sir.

After a brief moment...

Waiter: May I take your order?

You: I will need some time, please?

Waiter: Sure.

You: Okay I'm not too sure of what to order so could you please assist me with something that is light? I wouldn't mind a fresh salad too.

Waiter: Sure Ma'am/ Sir. Would you prefer a green salad or a regular vegetable salad?

You: A green salad sounds good. Could you recommend me the best one you have to offer?

Waiter: Sure Ma'am/ Sir. I would recommend the Mediterranean Green salad platter.

You: I wouldn't mind one but I'm not too sure of what is in it?

Waiter: An assortment of fresh mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, pickled green olives and a sprinkle of feta cheese. It's refreshing and light.

Assortment of mixed green

You: I think I'll have one of that.

Waiter: Ok Ma'am/ Sir. Would you like to have anything to drink along with that?

You: No thanks! Just the Mediterranean green salad and I'm good to go.

Having a general, simple conversation with a waiter is no rocket science. All you have to do is speak in English and do this not once or twice but as often as possible. This will give you the confidence and improve your English speaking skills in a short time span.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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