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How to Improve Your English Writing Skills – II


>We hope that our last blog on improvingWriting_Skills your writing skills was helpful. The tips mentioned there were simple and guaranteed to give results. However, as the saying goes, there is always room for improvement, and you surely cannot know everything that is there to English writing with just a few tips. That is why we bring to you a few more helpful and amazing tips, which will help you take your English writing a notch higher!

If you have been wondering, why we are stressing so much on the need of having exemplary English writing skills, and then let us tell you this – the reasons are many, but keep this in mind, English writing is needed in practically every aspect of modern lifestyle. You wish to apply for a job – you shoot an email. You wish to enroll in an academic course – you fill a form. You wish to get something done – you submit an application. And all of this is done in English. Do you need any more reasons for why English writing is an important skill?

Apart from following our tips and practicing them, there is one more exercise you need to do, in order to improve your writing skills. You must know your shortcomings and how to improve upon them. Do not expect to write a bestselling novel right at your first attempt, but surely with patience and practice, you sure can write flourishingly.

Broaden your vocabulary: How are you supposed to write even a 100-word paragraph without having enough words? Building your vocabulary is the first pedestal of your English learning journey. Read as much as possible and build your vocabulary. The number of words you use, the more vibrant your writing will be. Using the same words repeatedly will make your writing sound repetitive.

Welcome the criticism: In our last blog, we asked you to always get your writing samples checked – to understand where you need to improve and what mistakes to avoid. The next step to this tip is to take criticism positively and sportingly. If your writing has too many errors, focus on correcting them and make a promise to yourself that you will not repeat the same mistakes.

Use spell-check

: After you are done writing/ typing an article, save it in another document and run spell check/ grammar review software through it. After the other document has been checked and corrected, compare it with your original document. This way you will understand the mistakes you make and how to improve. Pay close attention to spellings and sentence structure.

Write and rewrite: Every written material has a personality of its own. The words you use and the way you form your sentences sets the tone of your article. It is possible the first time you write something, it might not turn the best. If you are not satisfied with how an article has shaped, do not give up. Rewrite and improve.


"How to improve my English skills" – if this question has been nagging you, then fret not. Nowadays, you have so many ways with which you can improve and polish your English fluency. There are many online programs like eAge tutor available for your benefit. With the help of such programs, you can easily learn fluent English.



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