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How to explain local rules and precautions?


A tourist guide has many responsibilities. Apart from ensuring that the tourists have a wonderful time, they have the added responsibility to ensure that they don't break any local rules and customs as it can be a disastrous experience. So how should you go about describing the local rules and precautions? As English is the global mode of communication, you can use your strong English communication skills to ensure that the tourists know what rules to follow and when not to break them.

Things to keep in mind :

1. Be sure of the details

You should be sure of the details yourself as you explain the rules. Any miscommunication on your part can lead to misunderstandings and later the blame will fall on you. To avoid that, read all the rules and regulations and ensure that you have taken care of the details.

2. Give warnings and solutions

Give ample warnings to the tourists. They should get the message that they are in  the host country and they have certain rules and customs that need to be adhered to. They won't be eligible for immunity if they break the law. Even if they unintentionally break the rules, they should be aware of the steps to be taken or fines to be paid.

Sample Conversation

Situation: Your tourist group is set to visit the Kul Devi temple, a famous abode in Rajasthan. No photography or indecent dress is allowed.

You: Welcome to Kul Devi temple. This temple is one of the holiest places in Rajasthan.

Tourist 1: What is the specialty of this place?

You: This place is believed to have been visited by the Kul Devi deity. Hence, this magnificent temple has been erected to worship her.

Tourist 2: Can we enter it?

You: Certainly, however please take care of two important rules. There is no photography allowed inside the premises and also, please ensure that you are appropriately dressed. If you have a shawl, please cover yourself.

Tourist 3:We are tourists, we would like to take pictures.

You: Yes. But this is a holy place. You have to respect the local culture and sentiments.

Tourist 4: What happens if we break the rule?

You: You will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1000, if you break any of the rules.

Tourist 3: We are tourists, and are casually dressed.

You: Sir, the place has very strict laws. In addition, you won't get immunity as I have clearly explained the rules and precautions to you.

Tourist 3: Ok. Sounds fine.

You: Again, I am reiterating. Please don't take photos inside the premises or wear indecent attire. Breaking these rules will attract fines of Rs. 1000 and there will be no immunity.

The above conversation shows how you can firmly warn the tourists  about the local rules and customs. Your English speaking skills will come in handy while dealing with international tourists. Ensure that you and they have a good time with the assistance of online English classes.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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