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How to Give Directions to Reach your Doctor’s Clinic?


To find an ideal dermatologist to visit on a regular basis is quite a task, but when you do find him/ her, stick to the same. It is best to have only one skin specialist to visit frequently in time of outbursts or allergies, as he/ she can understand, monitor and give you the required medication.

Give direction to reach clinic

Hypothetical situation:

Taking into consideration, a hypothetical situation, you have your family dermatologist sorted that you visit as and when the need arises. A friend of yours is still shuffling between skin specialists to zero down on one doctor for a while. This friend calls you to ask you about your skin doctor and how good he is with his medications, prescriptions, and dosages. She is down with an allergy and needs to visit a doctor on an urgent basis. On your recommendation, she decides to go ahead with your dermatologist and asks for the directions to the clinic.

Call Doctor

How would the conversation be in well- spoken English? Let's have a look:

Riya: Hello.

Nikita: Hey Riya. How are you?

Riya: I am not very fine, Nikki.

Nikita: What's wrong? Should I come over?

Riya: No. Don't come home. I have caught an allergy and I'm not too sure if you can catch it too.

Nikita: Allergy? What sort of an allergy? Did you eat something? Touch something?

Riya: No Nikki. Relax. I haven't yet figured out how I got this.

Nikita: Are there any lumps or redness and itchiness?

Riya: Lumps. Tiny red lumps are there on  my face, neck and hands. I hope it's not the lotion I applied this morning.

Nikita: I have told you so many times to check the expiry date on the cosmetic products you use. You never listen, act carelessly and develop all these infections.

Riya: Lecture me later, for now tell me if your doctor is reliable enough  for an allergy as this.

Nikita: Yes, of course! I have been visiting him since my teenage years. He gives the perfect medicine, creams and ointments to clear your skin off all the blemishes. Isn't too expensive either.


Riya: Sounds good to me, how do I get to his clinic, can you direct me there?

Nikita: Listen carefully; Get to sector- 29, near the Blue Sky hotel.

Riya: Blue Sky?

Nikita: The huge 5 star near the signal...

Riya: Oh! Yes... Blue Star. Then?

Nikita: From that signal, take a right.

Riya: Okay.

Nikita: Once you've taken the right, take the first left and keep going down the same road.

Riya: Done.

Nikita: Soon you'll reach a dead end; the building on the right is where his clinic is.

Riya: Okay. What's his name?

Nikita: His name is Dr. Shenoy and he sits on the fifth floor of the building.

Riya: Thank you. I will see you soon after my treatment.

Nikita: Sure. Take care, Bye.

Having a conversation with a friend should be relaxed and at ease, even if it is in the English language. Since they are your friends, it shouldn't be a big deal if you make a mistake or two while conversing. You can gain confidence and improve English speaking skills by practicing with your near and dear ones. Mastering the language and developing your English communication skills can also become more fun if you have someone for company to practice with.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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