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How to raise a query to the technical team in fluent English?


You are working at the Dell Customer Service and you have received a technical escalation call. You are unable to handle the request and proceed with contacting the technical team of your company for a resolution. But you are wondering which is the best way . Your fluent English skills will help you to raise query in the best language both via email or through telecom. A professional approach requires a combination of firmness and politeness, both of which can be achieved with the help of the English language.

Whether you are approaching the team in either of the ways, you have to ensure that you double check all the information contained during the initial call. Any mistake in that can lead to unnecessary delays and further escalations. Customers don’t like delays and it may also affect your business. Loss of goodwill can be very difficult to recover and once a customer starts bad mouthing through word of mouth, the influence can be disastrous.

There are two ways of raising a query :

1. Email

2. Call

Let's see how the two methods work:

1. Email:

Draft a polite and to the point technical assistance query. The technical team is usually very busy hence all the details of the problems will help. Also, remember to give a deadline to the team as it can take a lot of time for them to reply or revert back. Emails are the official mode of communication between teams so prepare carefully and after due diligence.

Sample Email:

To : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject : Require assistance in Windows Desktop Issue

Body :

Dear Team,

We have raised a ticket for a user Marc Anthony for a windows error issue, but are unable to resolve by ourselves. Request your assistance in this matter. The details are below :

OS – Windows 7

RAM – 2 GB

Problem – The user is not able to find his ‘run’ button. Done a system restore, but the problem is not resolved. Also, he is refusing to format. Please advise.

Kindly revert with the resolution by tomorrow, as this is an urgent call.

Thanks and Regards,

Rajat Sharma

Senior Customer Service

2. On a call:

You: Hello, Is this the technical team?

Team: Yes.

You: Hi, This is Rajat from the customer service. We have an escalation call.

Team: What is the problem?

You: A user is having trouble finding his run process. We tried a system restore, but it's not working.

Team: Ok. Tell me his system details.

You: The Operating System is Windows 7 with a 2 GB RAM.

Team: OK. Give us time and we will respond.

You: Please ensure that you resolve this within 24 hours as this is a high priority call.

The above samples shows the best way to approach the technical team in both ways. The situation requires impeccable English conversational and writing skills. You can further upgrade your English skills with the assistance of an online English tutor.

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-Monika Agarwal

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