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Are you familiar with these royal English Phrases?


English is a language which teaches us many new things every day.  If you can read and write in English, you can climb the ladder of success. But if you can speak fluent English, you can open global opportunities for your career. Phrases help us speak fluent English. We all use some of the basic phrases like how are you, did you have your lunch, and many more in our daily conversations. It may be with our colleagues, friends and people we meet while commuting. Apart from these basic phrases, let us today learn about some royal English phrases that can be used in our daily conversations. Learn these phrases and use them in your conversation to impress native speakers.

Drama queen

10 Royal English Phrases

1. Hold court

Meaning - Be the centre of attention amidst a crowd of one's admirers.

Example –Diana loved holding court at her sister’s wedding reception.

2. King’s ransom

Meaning - A huge amount of money, a fortune

Example –I want to buy a new mobile for my sister but I don’t want to spend king’s ransom.

3. Prince charming

Meaning - An attractive, rich, kind man.

Example – Rutu is still waiting for her prince charming to come in her life.

4. Drama queen

Meaning - A person, especially a woman, who habitually responds to situations in a very melodramatic and exaggerated manner.

Example – Many actresses are drama queen in their real life.

5. Fit for a king

Meaning - Something which is really nice and luxurious.

Example – Our new apartment in Pune is fit for a king.

6. Queen bee

Meaning - A woman who thinks that she is the most important person in a group.

Example –Pooja thinks she is the queen bee of her group, but in real fact she is not.

7. Live like a queen

Meaning - To live a very comfortable and luxurious life.

Example –After winning a famous game show, she lives like a queen.

8. A royal pain

Meaning –Someone or something that is annoying; a difficult annoyance.

Example – After her breakup, he gave her a royal pain.

9. Crown jewels

Meaning - A particularly valuable or prized possession or asset.

Example – She was the crown jewel of her parents.

10. To be king/queen of something

Meaning –Something that is done better than anyone else.

Example – Rupali is the queen of dancing.

Use these royal phrases wisely and impress with your English speaking skills.  Improving English speaking comes with practice. Join an online English course to develop a hold over the language and communicate effectively.

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- By Chander Madan

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