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How to describe your best Christmas experience?


You are enjoying your thanksgiving dinner with your family in Thailand and the topic turns to previous Christmas experience. How will you go about describing your experience in a fun way?  You should tell your memorable experiences in a way where your listeners will be captivated and feel like being in the moment. Sharing your joyful experience is a good way to practice your English speaking skills. Your loved ones will be impressed by your grasp of the language.

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Things to remember When describing your Christmas experience

1. Tell Your Experience in a Story Form

Tell your experience as a story. This will catch the attention of your listeners and keep them captivated. Narrating your experience in a story format will allow you to recollect your experience and relive those memories accurately again.

2. Show photographs

Today, mobile technology gives you the ability to treasure your precious photographs for instant reliving. You can show those images to your listeners so that they can know what it was like. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words. However, share those images where you look smart and not stupid.

3. Let them know you are having fun

Describe your experience in such a way where they know you had fun at the event. You can use words like "It was a great time", "I had so much fun" etc. Bland descriptions are boring and your listeners will lose interest soon. Keep them engrossed in your experience as much as possible.

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Sample conversation for describing your best Christmas experience

Situation: At your family's thanksgiving dinner party.....

Ramesh: Hey guys, we still have a lot of time for the dinner. Let's pass the time by sharing our best Christmas experiences. The best one gets a large turkey share.

Rohan: That's a great idea. Who will go first?

I will go first. My best Christmas experience was undoubtedly the one that I had last year. My company had organized a Christmas dinner party on 23rd  December. Man, what a blast we had! We had drinks, plum cakes, games and delicious dinner menu. The decorations were fabulous and everyone thoroughly enjoyed a lot. It was truly a great experience.

Rohan: What's special about that? Everyone does it!

Rajat: Wait. I saved the best part for the last. We played Christmas Santa last year and guess what I got? A Prada leather wallet! Can you guys believe it?

Ramesh: What? A Prada in secret Santa? Impossible!

Rajat: Prepare to be amazed! Here is the proof!

Rohan: Well I am stunned! You are a lucky guy.

Rajat: That's not all. We even got Christmas goodies including hats and free vouchers!

Ramesh: Well, that's an amazing experience! We have a strong contender for the large turkey share here!


The above sample shows how to share your Christmas experience in a great manner. Your conversational skills should be at its best to capture the attention of the audience. Improve your spoken English skills with the help of free online English articles or with an online English teacher. Practice daily by compulsorily talking to your social network in English only. Merry Christmas!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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