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Idioms with fruits and veggies


Idioms are a great way to express yourself and they add to the beauty of your presentation be it spoken or written. They are mostly used in spoken English by native speakers.  An idiomatic expression cannot be taken literally because it carries a figurative meaning. Over the months, we learnt idioms related to health, colour and sports. Today, we will learn idioms related to fruits and vegetables. Let us have a look at them.


10 Idioms related to fruits and veggies

1. Apple of someone’s eye

Meaning - The object of a person’s affection or regard; a greatly cherished person or thing.

Example- My niece is apple of my eye.

2. To go bananas

Meaning - To go crazy both in a good way and a bad way about something.

Example –Archana went bananas when she heard that I had lost her keys.

3. To be like two peas in a pod

Meaning - It means to be exactly the same as someone else or exhibiting the same personality traits.

Example - They were two peas in a pod – they liked all the same things and also shared their birthdays together.

4. Life is just a bowl of cherries

Meaning – Life is easy and uncomplicated.

Example –For me life in UK is just a bowl of cherries; so why would I leave this country.

5. To spill the beans

Meaning - to reveal a secret or talk about something private

Example – Why did you spill the beans about them?

6. Cool as a cucumber

Meaning - Relaxed and non-emotional, not anxious

Example – Even after losing so many things in her life, she is cool as a cucumber.

7. In a pickle

Meaning - a tight spot or difficult situation

Example – Even after Dhoni’s six, the match was in a pickle.

8. Couch potato

Meaning - a very lazy person; someone who does not engage in a lot of physical activity.

Example – During the weekends I lay in my bed as a couch potato.

9. Hot potato

Meaning - a very sensitive and controversial subject; something that is difficult to deal with.

Example –After coming to know about her relationship with her mom, the matter was still a hot potato.

10. To have a pea brain

Meaning - It means to be unintelligent or stupid

Example – Monica has a pea brain, she doesn’t understand my problems.

These fruit and vegetable idioms are fun to learn. They need to be regularly practised in the conversations so that they can be used while speaking in English. This will not only improve your English speaking skills, but also improve your fluency skills. For more, you can join an online spoken English class and take your communication skills to the next level.

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- By Shailja Varma

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