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A Beginner’s Guide to Learning English


Beginners_GuideThere is always a beginning to learn something new and it’s during these testing times that we face the maximum hurdles. The one who rises above them are winners and the ones who surrender are quitters. The same story goes for English learners. The first stumble is, how to improve English, and before that, where to begin from?Before you try and find answers to these questions, it is crucial for you to understand why you want to study English?Is it you who wants to learn a new language, or is it somebody who is influencing you to get hold of a universal language? Get your mind clear about the objective of taking up improve English exercise. Once sorted, move to draft your goals.

· Set precise goals

Once you are clear on why you intend to learn English, it will become much simpler for you to set measurable goals. For instance, you intend to take up a marketing job. So, your goal might be to improve your spoken English skills. Perhaps, you are well acquainted with the common phrases used while speaking the language and want to improve your pronunciation. Write down your precise goals.

· Set your deadline

Set a deadline on how long you expect to take for achieving the goals. The time taken would vary for each person. However, make sure you set a realistic goal. A two hour session each day while you work for 10 hours in an office, is simply difficult. Take a slow start but a steady one. You can take help of some improve English onlineprogram and schedule your classes flexibly.

· Stay committed

Whether you plan to improve your spoken English on your own or take the help of an online English learning program,the key is to remain committed. It is not a school where a teacher would mark your attendance, you are answerable to only yourself and hence it is your duty to stay focused. Ideally, join an online English learning program. They offer the best assistance and interactive sessions to ensure a working professional gets a hand-on experience.

· Enjoy while you learn

Have you ever noticed why you do a particular task better than the other? It’s because of the underlying interest and happiness you derive from doing that thing. We perform best when we are happy, so enjoy your new assignment. If you are not enjoying your English learning experience, it is more likely that you would not gain much out of your course. Give yourself incentives on achieving your goals and keep the motivation alive.

Practice sessions

Here’s a little chart on how you can start your English speaking learning in 1, 2, 3...


Best of luck!!!


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