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10 Must know airport vocabulary words


Festivals are round the corner and so are holidays. It’s time to plan a vacation. While you plan for a vacation you also decide the mode of transport you’ll be choosing. As we always try to spend least time in travelling, the quickest way to travel is by an airplane. When you travel by plane, you have to go to the airport. And no matter where you are, English is used at every single procedure at the airport. Therefore, it is important to know some airport vocabulary that might come handy while you are there.

10 Must know airport vocabulary words

1. Airfare

Meaning - cost of a plane ticket
Your meal is not included in airfare.

2. Aisle

Meaning - the long empty space that you walk down between the seats in the plane
Please don’t keep your belongings in aisle so that they don’t block the way.

3. Boarding pass

Meaning - part of the ticket that you give to the crew as you step onto the plane. The pass gives you the details of your flight.
Did you get your boarding pass?

Boarding Pass

4. Conveyor belt

Meaning - a continuous moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for transporting objects from one place to another.
Passengers can get luggage from the Conveyor five.

5. Departures

Meaning -  the act of leaving for another place, city or country
Passengers of AH845 are requested to proceed to the departure gate No. 12.


6. Jet lag

Meaning - tiredness due to travelling through different time zones
Radhika was suffering from jet lag and needed to rest.

7. Overhead bin

Meaning - place above the seats for storing baggage
Please keep your luggage in the overhead bin.

8. Oxygen mask

Meaning – Provides oxygen when the airplane loses its cabin pressure at high altitude.
Excuse me Sir, please put your oxygen mask once you see the red light above your seat.

9. Stopover

Meaning - a break in a journey.
This flight has a stopover at Dubai.

10. Steward (male), stewardess (female), flight attendant, air hostess

Meaning – People who provide service for passengers on the aircraft
Attention everyone! Follow the rules explained by the air hostess.

It’s a pleasure to travel by plane, especially, when you are going to a new place. At times, it can get difficult if you are not aware of the common terms used at the airport. So, it is important to learn English and enjoy smooth conversations. You can also join a Spoken English course and improve fluency skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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