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Expressions for making suggestions


You know what I love about the English language? It is so fancy and gives you the freedom to express yourself in a myriad number of ways. One single thought can be presented in many ways. For example, you wish to say that you are hungry. Now, you could simply say, “I am hungry” or, to make it more dramatic, you could also say, “I am famished!” If speaking to a friend, you could say, “Care to grab a bite? I am so hungry!”

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See, one thought and so many ways to put it! This is what makes learning English and English speaking so much interesting. Moreover, with the advent of Online English courses, learning English has become very easy and convenient to learn.

In today’s blog, we shall learn the art of giving suggestions. There are many ways you can put forth your suggestions, and let us have a look at them.

Various ways of making suggestions

Playing around with verb forms: You could start with using the verb in its base form to form a question – Why don’t we go out for dinner. Or you could use the verb’s base form in a statement. “We could go out for dinner.” Another way of putting it is – “Let’s go out for dinner.” The –ing form of the verb can also be used to make a suggestion – How about going out for dinner? Or you could be straightforward and actually use the word ‘suggest’ – I suggest we go out for dinner. This is how you can use various forms of the verb to make suggestions.


Counter suggestions: A counter suggestion is used when you disagree with someone else’s action or suggestions. It can also be used when you wish to put forth your own suggestion, which may be different to an idea already presented. A few examples of counter suggestion are – I wouldn’t go in just yet. Or, “I would read the reviews before buying the movie tickets.” This is a subtle way of making a suggestion, where you are not telling the person what to do, but rather telling them what you would do if you were in that situation.

Giving advice: This is a more direct approach of giving suggestions. This is where you actually tell, or advice, a person on what action they should make. Let’s see a few examples: 'You shouldn’t let your students talk back to you' or ‘You had better bargain really well before purchasing anything from a roadside stall’. In these instances, you are directly telling the person what they should do.

The best way to learn English is to learn its various components and how you can incorporate them in your English speaking.

Exercise time

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Write down five sentences, using each of the three types of ways, to make a suggestion.

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- By Chander Madan

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