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How to start a conversation on phone?


All of us at some point of time face a situation where we need to call a complete stranger. The reasons could be anything, a marketing call, an official work-related call, inquiry call, etc. Do you get petrified when you think about striking a conversation? Worry not. Here's a guide to help you carry out a smooth spoken English conversation.

We shall look at some phrases that are effective in starting a conversation and discuss on the homework that you should undertake before dialing your phone.

Conversation scenario

Conversation scenario 

Before making the call, note down the question you are going to ask the caller. For instance, if you are calling one of your friends, after a long time, to inquire about a job opening in his company, you could start with:


Caller: Hello, John, how have you been?

Receiver: I am fine Kate and how are you? It has been long sice we talked or met.

Caller: Well, yes! I was a bit tied up with some official matter and now I am free.

Receiver: That is so nice of you. So, tell me, how are you?

Caller: Well, I have called you with a concern in mind. My company is going through layoffs, and I am a bit scared,although nothing has been conveyed to me.

Receiver: Well, don't worry; I am sure everything will be all right. Is there some way I can help you?

Caller: Yes, could you inquire if there is an opening in your company in the Accounts section, it will be of great help!

Conversation on phone

Receiver: No problem, consider it done. I shall call you soon with the updates. Don't worry; I am sure with your kind of experience, getting a new job would not be difficult.

Caller: Thanks! That is very kind of you. Take care and let me know about the job status. Bye for now!

Receiver: Bye and you take care!

See, isn't it a good English-speaking lesson on how to start and continue your conversation in a flow.

Now, let us look at how to speak English better while carrying out a phone conversation with a professional tone.

Conversational Example:

How to start conversation

You: Hello, good morning! I am Kavita; may I speak to Mr. Thomas, please?

Secretary: Could you please hold on for a second? I shall transfer your call.

You: Ok, yes, Thanks!

Secretary: Sorry Ms. Kavita, Mr. Thomas is in a conference right now. Would you like to leave a message?

You: Oh! Yes. Can you please inform him that we are having a seminar this Friday, and we would be glad if he could attend. I'm calling from eAgeTutor's office.

Secretary: Sure, I will let him know. Thanks for the invitation.

Key points to note:

From the above two spoken English conversations, we can deduce few points:

• Always have a plan before calling

• Be an active listener

• Be patient

• Sound positive

• Prepare a good closing

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- By Monika Agarwal

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