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How to impress guests with freebies?


Customers love freebies and even more so when it comes without asking. One of the ways to ensure long lasting goodwill is to pamper your hotel guests with as much freebies as possible. These can come in the form of free internet connections, welcome drinks, limo pickups etc. When you describe your freebies in perfect English, your customer’s joy will know no bounds. Read on to find how to impress your guests with freebies.

Things to remember when impressing guests with freebies:

1. Be clear

Be very clear when describing freebies so that your guests have understood about the things that are free and that are not. This is important if a customer refuses to pay for a paid service, which leads to embarrassing situations both for the customer and hotel staff. Being specific will help you be more customer-centric and factual. It is preferable to have a written list of official freebies so that there won’t be any room for misunderstandings.

2. Give valuable freebies

Give freebies that have values for the customers and not just for namesake. Customers should feel appreciated. They should not feel that the hotel is doing them a favor. Pamper them as if they are one of your own and make their stay special and memorable. Customers will remember your gestures and will appreciate it to others through word of mouth. This will ensure that you get a steady stream of loyal customers.

Sample conversation:

Situation: A hotel guest checks in and you are at the front desk.

You: Good morning Sir, how may I help you?

Guest: Good morning, I had a pleasant ride from the airport, thanks for the ride. But, am I going to be charged for this?

You: No Sir. That’s our free customer service.

Guest: That’s great!! Is my room 352 prepared?

You: Yes Sir. It is ready.

Guest: ok. I would need an internet connection.

You: Sir, the Wi-Fi is available in your room.

Guest: Is it chargeable?

You: The WI-Fi service in this hotel is free of cost. You can use it as much as you want for browsing. But there are download charges of Rs.5 per 10 MB.

Guest: That’s cool. I would like to reserve my meals. Please book a vegetarian breakfast and lunch.

You: Sir, if you book a three-meal course with us, you can get a 30 % discount of the meal price.

Guest: Wow. That’s fair enough. Please go ahead and book the three-meal course. Thank you for your great service. You guys are great!!

The above conversation highlights how you can pamper your guest to the maximum by speaking English confidently. Make your customers feel really like a King. By your confident display of English speaking skills and courteous manners, you are sure to woo guests and impress the customer friendliness of your hotel. Enlist the help of free online English tutorials and keep practicing with the help of your friends.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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