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How to describe/market your business to a prospective client?


Imagine attending a gathering and you happen to come across an individual who could be the perfect client for your business. What next? Not wasting any time, you engage in a business-oriented conversation and the fated question pops in your mind, "How do I go about this situation?"

Your eyes light up with excitement and you realize, "This is it! This is your one shot to make it or break it." Below are some pointers that should answer all those questions racing through your mind.

Understand the fact that your spoken English communication skill is the foundation that can help you build the rest of your marketing upon:

Two things to avoid:

1. Do not use your brand: Shooting your brand name in the face of the prospect client is a BIG 'no- no'. Being loud and shoving your brand name at the start of the conversation is bound to have your conversation reach a dead end right away... Avoid that.

2. Do not spell it all out: If the prospect shows even a little interest and happens to ask you about what exactly you are into, do not get too excited. Instead, professionally just inform him/ her about the market you sail in. However, do not go on and on about the strategies you use, the marketing proposal you've zeroed down on and so on. When he/ she ask you about your venture, all they want to know is your basic business sector.

Three things to do when describing/ marketing your business to a prospective client:

1. What's in it for them: When you, as the business owner, are talking about the process, you still aren't conveying to the prospect as to what's in it for them. Doing this will have them confused and running away from the conversation as soon as they can.

2. Language command: Have a great hold over the English language, as it is as critical as acquiring clients for your business. Be at the top game in your English communication skill and package your services/ products verbally. Developing a good hold over this dominant business language will enable you to communicate in a clear fashion what you have to offer to the prospective client and how it is beneficial for him/her.

3. Problem & Solution: Communicate the problem followed by the solution, however, be as specific as possible.

Bad Example: "I run a company that works with organizations that are facing many challenges of the slowing economy."

Good Example: "My Company works with small to mid- sized businesses who wish to acquire clients without much hassle."

The above 'Good Example' is the perfect way to grab the prospect's attention.

It's follow-up time. State the solution almost instantly...

"I am sure you're aware about how numerous small business owners struggle to find and secure new clients. I offer them a service that guarantees them a new and improved client base."

Bam! Your prospective client is half way into your pocket.

Working as a professional should have you speak like one as well. Speak in simple English and get your client intrigued by your conciseness and knowledge about the industry you're targeting. Keep the pace of the conversation slow and gently extend an invitation for a formal meeting with the prospect at your office. Amazing how the art works!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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