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What are different types of Reports in English?


A written report is a document that has a clear purpose and is meant for a particular audience.It comprises of certain special information which is presented, analysed and applied to a specific problem or issue. It is a detailed information about a problem and its solutions which is being studied and analyzed. Different reports have different formats as the intentions and aims vary.


Primarily, reports are categorized as "Informal" and "Formal" and the characteristics of each are explained below:

A. Informal Reports

Informal reports are written with intention of providing information, analysis and recommendations. These reports are short and concise. Informal reports typically deal with general concepts, problems and solutions. An informal report can be written in either one page or in 10 pages. These reports contain personal pronouns and contractions and are used internally.

Informal Reports can be broadly categorized in 4 different types: -

1. Informational/ Research report: This report is aimed at gaining knowledge about certain concept by researching and understanding.

2. Analysis report: This report is created on the basis of an analysis done on a certain issue or a situation or a decision to be implemented.

3. Progress Report: This report is usually made for analyzing the progress of a certain project, a company or an individual.

4. Recommendation/ Justification Report: The recommendation report is made while reporting on stuff which affect negatively (not getting intended results) and it becomes necessary to either recommend a new alternative or justify the existing setup.

Informal report also includes memos, minutes of meeting, survey report, activity report, procedural directives, trip report etc.

Format of The Informal Report

Informal reports are generally designed in following format.

Title Page
Table of Content
Abstract / Summary
Body / Overall Study

B. Formal Report

The purpose behind designing a formal report is to collect, analyze, and interpret and infer to make the correct decision. Formal reports are usually written in 10-100 pages. These reports don’t use personal pronouns and contractions.

Format of The Formal Report

Formal reports are generally designed in following format.

Cover Page
Title Page
Executive Summary
Background and Inception of Case
Detail Study and Analysis
Results and Findings

Hope the above explanation on Informal and Formal reports helped you in understanding the difference between both. For other related blogs and articles browse through our blog site and find your favorite category to learn more and improve your English communication skills.

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