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Do you know about the important parts of your body?


Our body

Know_your_body1There are many vital organs in our body and it is very important to know about our body.

All these important body parts work together and help our body to function properly.

Some important body parts are head, eyes, nose, ears, lips, arms, legs, chest, heart, lungs, bones, muscles, brain.

One of the most important and precious organs of our body is our eyes. It is very essential to know about eyes. The eyes help us to see. There are different parts in our eye.

Names of some important parts are retina, sclera, lens, pupil and cornea.   


Another important organ is our ears. The ears help us to hear. The eardrum vibrates due to sound. There are three small bones in the middle of the ear. They are called hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup. 

The vibration in the eardrum causes a vibration in the middle of the ear. Slowly the vibration reaches our inner ear.
The inner ear has sensitive hair. It generates nerve signals and finally the signal reaches the brain. Some important parts of our ears are eardrum, pinna, cochlea, anvil, and hammer.                            




Important parts of our body

Some important parts of our body are discussed below.
While knowing our body, we should know about our heart. Our heart is made up of muscles. Heart is regarded as the strongest muscle in our body.

The heart beats over 100000 times in one day and it never stops beating! It keeps on beating even when we are asleep. The heart plays a very important role.

It pumps the blood throughout the blood vessels. The blood vessels are called capillaries, veins, and arteries. On an average, the heart beats 72 beats per minute. The heart is about the same size of our fist.  The heart is located behind our rib cage and it is located on the left side of our chest. The ribs protect the heart from any kind of damage or injury.

We should take care of our heart and lead a healthy life. To keep our heart healthy, we should take healthy food, take balanced diet, and exercise regularly.


Another significant organ in our body is brain. The brain is located in the center of our nervous system. The brain controls every action we do. The brain has several different parts. The biggest part is the cerebrum.

It helps the voluntary muscles to function and also helps us to think. The cerebellum which is another important part of our brain is at the back of our brain.


It is situated below the cerebrum. It controls our balance and movement. Just below the cerebrum is the brain stem. The brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord. It takes care of functions like breathing, digesting.


Important Systems of Our Body

While learning about our body, we should also know about some important systems in our body. Some important systems are digestive, respiratory, excretory, nervous, and circulatory.  A discussion on digestive system is as follows.


Know_your_body6Digestive System:  Human beings need food to survive. Once you eat the food it needs to be digested. There are many important organs that constitute our digestive system. These organs help to break down the food into smaller pieces. 

Once you eat the food, it enters our esophagus. From there, the food is directed towards the stomach. The muscles in the stomach grind the food. The chemicals break down the food into chyme.

The chyme then enters the small intestine. The actual digestion process takes place in the chyme. Here it is broken down into smaller bits again. There are small folds in our small intestine.

They are known as villi. The villi absorb the nutrition from the chyme and leave the rest which is not nutritious. The chyme eventually enters the large intestine. The large intestine squeezes away the water from the chyme and retains the water. The chyme becomes harder and passes through the large intestine.

All the nutrition and water is removed during the process of digestion and the waste is left behind.

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