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How to Make English Learning a Fun Process?


Good spoken English has become a prerequisite for progress in all aspects of life, be it personal or professional. Whether you want to improve your English speaking to impress somebody, or want to get the right vocabulary to voice your opinion in a meeting, it is your knowledge of English that will help you make strides of growth and development.

Learning English requires a person to devote time and practice patience. There would come a scenario where you would simply get tired of memorizing the rules and various aspects of English. What to do then? Giving up on learning is never an option and will never be an option. The best way to go about your way on  how to improve English exercise is by adding the fun element to it.


Whatever is your hobby, try and include it in your English learning exercise. Why not add some games to practice English and in the meantime render the learning experience more interesting. There are a few online spoken English program providers that offer you such a luxury. They will come up with customized English speaking course online to help you get a grip on the language much faster. Let's look at top three ways through which you can make your learning experience fun and interesting.

Watching TV

Do you like watching television? If I ask this question in a crowd of 1.000 spectators, I am more likely to get a massive 'Yes' response. Do you know you can master the language by watching TV? Yes, it may sound too ideal a situation, but it is true.


Take up one popular English television series, say F•R•I•E•N•D•S. Your goal should revolve around watching the series over a period of time and making yourself comfortable with English. After a month or so, you should watch the series without the help of subtitles. F•R•I•E•N•D•S is one of the best and most famous comedy sitcoms of all time. Watching it is like a stress buster and you can also pick up a lot of words to add to your vocabulary.

In addition, this is a fun way to improve English because you can relate the words to the situation and empathize what the characters will speak next. Isn't it amazing?

Playing games


Lets Play

Another ideal scenario to improve English is while enjoying a fun play session with friends. Remember, how we miss our vacations now that we are no longer in school. How we used to spend hours together playing various games with our friends. Recreate the same magic, but now the purpose should be to improve spoken English skills. What games can you play? Scrabble, hangman, complete the sentence and the old and popular – name, place, animal and thing. Probably, you have heard about the rest barring the – complete the sentence game. Fine, here it goes. A team player would give you a sentence, for instance, I love shopping because .... You need to fill the sentence and pass on another sentence to your friend.

Ex: I love shopping because it is a stress buster. My favorite place to shop is ___

Ask your friend to carry forward the chain.

Search for comical quotes about English


Comical quotes about English

• "Lymph, v.: to walk with a lisp."

• "I like the word 'indolence.' It makes my laziness seem classy."

The Internet is full of such interesting facts and comical quotes about English. Just punch, how to improve English speaking, and you will come across a range of options. We have listed the top three among them. All the best in your improve English program.

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- By Shailja Varma

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