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Common words that confuse you


We all have heard about words that sound same, but are pronounced in different ways and its usage differ according to the sentences. So let us have a look at some of the words.

8 common words that confuse you

1. Confident- someone who has confidence

Example- You should always try to be confident in your life.

Confidant- Someone with whom you share everything

Example- He is my best friend because he is my confidant he knows me in a much better way than others.

2. Canvas- a type of cloth

Example- Yesterday, teacher announced that we need to wear canvas shoes for the sports day.

Canvass- an idea/plan for discussion

Example- A candidate should first learn the rules of canvassing.

3. Allusion- to make a reference to something        

Example- Reena made an allusion to Meena’s baby height.

Illusion- to imagine what is not real

Example- Love is not an illusion

4. Born- to come in this world

Example- Our neighbour’s daughter was born today.

Borne- transported or transmitted by

Example- She was diagnosed of a waterborne disease.

5. Biannual- occurring twice a year

Example- We can go for the event next time, as you know it is biannual.

Biennial- once in two years

Example- We cannot miss the event, because it is biennial.

6. Bath- to wash your body

Example – We will talk later, I need to go for a bath.

Bathe- to apply water to a particular body part.

Example- I need to bathe my legs, because I got injured while I was playing football.

7. Censor- to delete

Example- I censored the images I had in my phone.

Censure- to criticize someone

Example- She always tries to censure me in front of everyone.

8. Any way- to make something happen anyhow

Example- Any way now let’s go for the party.

Anyway- means in any case.

Example- I want you to reach the office anyway.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and your confusion is cleared between the words which seems to be same but their pronunciation and the way they are being spelled are different. Stay tuned for more such helpful blogs to improve your spoken English and fluency.

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-By Chander Madan

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