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Steps to take if your phone is stolen


I hope you guys have been diligently practicing your spoken English and improving every day. Here is a tip for all English learners: work on improving your vocabulary. There are a number of English words to be learned that will help you in sentence formation and communicate more effectively. English fluency does not come easily, but if you keep practicing English speaking with the correct usage of grammar, you can definitely improve your English.

There is a reason why most of our blogs are about conversations that you might have in your everyday life. We understand that simply giving tips, grammar lessons, rules of the English language, etc., though interesting, could get a bit monotonous and boring. Conversational blogs are engaging, fun and also help you to be ready for an English conversation, must you find yourself in a similar situation.


In today’s blog, let us see what one should do when their mobile phone is stolen. Losing your mobile phone is very common, whether it is due to carelessness or it gets stolen. However, once you realize that your phone is no longer with you, there are a certain things you must do immediately, to ensure that your phone is not used wrongfully, and that you do not land in trouble because of it.

Here are a few steps you should take when your phone is stolen

· Call your service provider: First and foremost, call up your service provider and inform them that your phone has been stolen. Most of the times, they will guide you through the process of reporting a stolen phone and what needs to be done. In case they don’t, ask them to block your SIM card with immediate effect.

service provider
· Try to track the phone: Every service provider has access to tracking the location of their SIM cards. Ask the service provider if they can give you the information, or whether you need to make a police complaint. Before hanging up with the service provider, ask them to give you a complaint or request number for the call you have made.

· Report to the police: Reporting any kind of theft with the police is mandatory, and the same applies to mobile phones as well. Go to your nearest police station and lodge written complaint regarding your stolen phone. Try and give as accurate information as you can give, like when do you think your phone was stolen, from which place, last calls you made, etc. Often, even the police can help you in tracking your phone through it’s service reception.

track the phone
During this whole process, there are many times where you will be required to use your spoken English skills, like when speaking to the service provider’s customer care representative, or while lodging a complaint with the police. Apart from English fluency, you will need confidence and patience to get done with this whole process. All the best!

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- By Shailja Varma

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