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Me, Myself, And I – Do you know the right usage?


For English learners, deciding to use 'me, myself or I' in a statement is one of the most common error points. We do understand that English grammar rules are difficult and could get complicated; however, poor grammar will get you nowhere. To ensure you make a good impression, it is important for you to express yourself vocally or in writing in flawless language. Irrespective of whom you're communicating with, whether it is just a friend, a client, an employee, or a tenant; it is vital for you to learn how to use English fluently.

This article will help you understand the correct usage of each of the three and the basic fundamentals behind why they are used in that context only. The English language could puzzle you, but a little concentration and dedication could take you the long way.

When to use 'I'?

You only use 'I' when you are referring yourself in the subject of the sentence. This means that you are responsible for taking action.

When to use I

Example- "I played the guitar."

*Tip- To understand whether you're using the right word in combination with another person in the sentence is to remove the other person on a temporary basis and check what it sounds like.


"Reena and I went to the parlor."

Remove the second person Reena and the sentence still makes complete sense.

On the other hand.

"Reena and myself went to the parlor."

Here on removing the second person Reena, you will notice that the sentence does not make proper sense and hence is incorrect.

"Reena and me went to the parlor."

This sounds wrong too.

When to use 'me'?

'Me' is a pronoun and should be used when the action will be performed by someone else to, or for, you.

Example- "If you have a problem, please call Sharon or me."

*Tip- As mentioned above, just remove the second person from the sentence and check whether it makes sense.

When to use me

Now try to find out, which of these are correct?

a) "If you lose your way, just call Rita or myself."
b) "If you lose your way, just call Rita or me."
c) "If you lose your way, just call Rita or I."

In the above exercise the correct answer is b). As if you remove Rita from the sentence, the sentence still makes perfect sense, "If you lose your way, just call me."

When to use 'myself'?

'Myself' is a pronoun that is used when you are performing some action on yourself.

Example- "I want to wash my dress myself."

When to use myself

English is a tricky language, though with the right set of learning, you could overcome all the obstacles and learn English very easily. Just remember that a lot of practice is required to be able to master the language and gradually develop an English speaking fluency. A more refined alternative would be enrolling in an English learning course online, as that will give you a sharp understanding of all of the aspects of spoken as well as written English.

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- By Chander Madan

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