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7 Interesting ways to say hurry up


There are times when we get late for a meeting, or we miss our train or bus. These are all common situations which are faced by all. Sometimes you may get late because of your friend or because of someone else.  There is a certain way you can behave or communicate in these situations.  It is very important that you behave in a proper way so that you create a good impression of yourself on everyone.

7 ways to say hurry up

1. There’s no time to lose: telling someone to hurry up especially when you cannot waste a minute.

Example- Arinjita, there is no time to lose. Can you please get ready fast.

Example-  There’s no time to lose; each and every minute is important during exams.

2. Shake a leg: to hurry up

Example- Why are you walking so slowly? Please shake your leg as fast as possible.

Example- There are some people who will always be late. They just can’t shake a leg.

3. What are you waiting for?: Sarcastic way to hurry up

Example- What are you waiting for? We are really getting late for the movie.

Example- I am observing since yesterday, you seem to be lost, is that the reason you did not get ready? What are you waiting for?

4. Chop chop: to hurry up without any delay

Example- We need to chop chop , otherwise the boss will shout at us again.

Example- My mom was angry because I did not chop chop and missed the bus.

5. Snap to it: telling someone to do something as quickly as possible

Example- The boss told me to snap to the project and submit it today itself.

Example- I requested him to complete the file and snap it to me before 4.

6. Step on it: to hurry up

Example- Can you please step on it and drive faster, we are really getting late.

Example- We should not step on it especially when you are learning to drive.

7. Put your skates on: when you want to do something more quickly.

Example-  You better get your skates on, if you don’t want to get late for the party.

Example- I woke up late today, so my mom was shouting at me to put my skates on.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, you can surely make use of these phrases use these words in your daily routine and also can improve your English communication..

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-By Chander Madan

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