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How to ask a girl for a coffee date?


Asking a girl out for a coffee date should be an easy task. All you've got to do is ask her out in the most appropriate and right manner. The safest deal would be asking her out for a coffee instead of a dinner to test the waters and see how compatible the two of you really are! Ask her out for a coffee date in simple English and make sure to take her to a nice restaurant, which she will definitely love.

If you've just met a girl and you like what you see, you are bound to take her out and know her better. And, what better than hanging out with her? This certainly is a less intimidating way of asking her out. Therefore, the coffee shop plan is ideal to ensure she's at her comfortable best.

Let's now look at an example that should guide you through the entire process of asking a girl out for a coffee date without freaking her out.


You've come across a girl who is a common friend of your best buddy. You've found her extremely attractive, as a person as well as her appearance and the way she carries herself. You really wish to ask her out for a coffee so that you get a chance to know her better.

Conversation sample:

Jack: Hey! I'm Jack. I couldn't help but notice you.

Sheryl: Hi Jack! Sheryl. Nice to meet you.

Jack: So, how do you know David?

Sheryl: David and I studied in the same college; we were batch mates and still are the thickest buddies ever.

Jack: Wow! That's some connection. David and I are childhood friends. However, for two years of college, I had shifted to another state. Though I'm back now...

Sheryl: Oh! One second... So, you're the Jack that David keeps talking about. Finally, finally got to meet you. Heard so much about you, you have no clue.

Jack: Great. Now tell me the truth, did he speak about the good stuff or bad?

Sheryl: Come on Jack, relax... He really loves you and spoke almost all good things about you except a few nasty moments you've put him through.

Jack: Ha-ha! Expected him to pull my leg.

Sheryl: Yeah. He didn't let you down on that. It's so nice to meet you in person Jack. Genuinely...

Jack: Same here. Well, I was thinking, if we could catch up for a coffee sometime soon. That's if an only if you don't mind!

Sheryl: I actually don't mind, you're kind of fun and it seems like a good deal.

Jack: So, shall we meet on Saturday at 7 pm at Costa Coffee?

Sheryl: Sounds perfect! Now let's get a hold of David; where is the man who's getting hitched?

Jack: Sure. Let's go find him.

There you have it... struck a friendship and successfully asked her out for a coffee. Make sure to not get too pushy and concentrate on a friendly note for starters. Depending on how open minded the other person is, ask her for a coffee accordingly.

You should also make sure you keep your English conversation skills at its best, as every girl will like a man who speaks fluent English. You could also add in polish and finesse once you get to your coffee date by improving your spoken English vocabulary and working towards developing a thick grasp on the English language.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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