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5 reasons why you should learn English speaking


Do you know English is the official language of 53 countries? Yes, English is the language of communication across the globe and hence, speaking in English has many advantages. You may still think why I should learn English speaking. The Chinese people don’t speak English and they are have progressed a lot. We cannot negate that, so let us today look at practical reasons on why you should learn to speak English. Let us look at the real motivators for you to spend your hard-earned money, precious time and energy in learning English speaking.

Top reasons to learn to speak English

1. Huge earning potential

Agree or not, all the good jobs need good communicators. The business world demands you to communicate in English and if you are a fluent speaker, the global market place is open for you. A person with good communication skills and technical knowhow can definitely make more money than a person who just possesses the later.

2. To gain knowledge

Every medium today speaks English.  Be it the latest research in science or technology, almost everything happens in English.  Even if you want to study at top universities, it is required that you have at least intermediate understanding of the language.

3. For travel opportunities

English is the only language that is widely spoken across the globe. Therefore, if you can speak English, you can travel to any part of the world and meet different people. Besides, English is the language of tourism worldwide. So, if you prefer to take a tour to different historical places, you could read interesting stories related to the monument, in English.

Learn English Speaking

4. For social media communications

Most written content on the internet is in English and so are the popular social media platforms. If you want to make friends on Facebook or increase followers on Twitter, you need to speak in ENGLISH. Want to go on a date with a pen pal? All you need is fluent communication skills.

5. To earn respect

Surprisingly, in our own country, we respect people who can speak in English. Therefore, if you want to earn respect and admiration from others, you should speak in English. Although, it is wrong to judge people on their language skills, it is better that you don’t follow this practice and see the inner worth in an individual.

Higher salaries and improved job opportunities is one of the main reason to learn to speak in English. You can join an online spoken English class and get started in your journey to speak flawless English.

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- By Chander Madan

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