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How to convince your manager to give you added work responsibilities


Someone has rightly said, “In the mundane, nothing is sacred. In sacredness, nothing is mundane.”

Mundane is boring. There comes a time when you feel saturated with the routine tasks you are doing and you feel like doing different and challenging things. Your ardent desire to take up additional work and prove your worth overwhelms you. But this needs to be communicated effectively to your boss. Your boss should be aware that you are geared up to take up challenging tasks.





Communicating this to the boss might seem to be a bit tricky. You need to do some homework for this.

It’s a known fact that actions speak louder than words. So you need to show to the people around you that you are ready to take on additional work responsibilities.For this you need to know what your company’s aspirations are and what needs to be done to attain the same.




Try doing the below mentioned things and it is guaranteed that you will be noticed and you will get what you desire.

  • Gather as much information about the functioning of the company. Keep yourself updated with everything going on, concerning the company. Read company journals and anything that is published relating to your company.
  • Give valuable suggestions when called for. Offer your inputs during meetings.
  • Prove your worth by being punctual in reaching office, in meeting deadlines and in achieving targets. Occasionally volunteer to work extra hours to complete important work.
  • Contribute your support to your subordinates and colleagues, whenever needed. Be a good team player.
  • Exude positivity. You should always have a positive demeanour. Nobody likes negative vibes.
  • Be proactive. Volunteer to do difficult tasks that generally people shy away from doing.
  • A friendly attitude at workplace will do you good but at the same time refrain from gossips. Be a good listener and a supportive person.
  • Make it clear to your boss that you are capable enough to handle additional responsibilities and also assure him that you would do your best, if provided with the opportunity. Discuss with them your career plans and seek their advice in enhancing your skills.
  • Make yourself heard. Communicate often with your boss and inform him about the progress you are making in your work or skill and also the struggles you have faced and overcame.
  • Instead of being boastful, let the boss know how the work done by you will benefit the company.Keep the focus on the benefits to the company rather than your own achievements. Also, if possible, make the others speak to your boss about your good work.
  • Prioritize your work. Do the most urgent work first and the other important work later.
  • Equip yourself with new skills. This will give you an edge over the others.




All these will definitely help your boss to give you additional responsibilities. To make your dreams come true you need to sweat it out.


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-By Chander Madan


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