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How to attend a customer call as support executive?


Support executives that work on handling customer calls are required to serve the customers' needs and answer their queries. They are the ones that are held responsible for answering calls and helping customers solve their problems as well as ensuring they are satisfied with the services. Therefore, there are certain over-the-phone service skills that every employee is required to master while conversing with customers. If an employee fails on meeting the support executive standards, the company might face an embarrassing situation, as your customers will be calling in with a negative feedback, further resulting in you losing valued customers and eventually, your job.

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Fret not! You certainly will not be that employee who will be losing his/ her job on account of your poor English communication skills. Below-mentioned are a few universal skills that every support executive should work towards mastering, which will help improve your service and spoken English communication with your customers drastically.

Customer service skills that matter when attending a customer's call:

1. Patience- Nothing is more important than patience when it comes to serving a customer, irrespective of whether over the phone or in person. It is critical that the customer on the other end of the phone realizes that you are there to help him/her and not in any sort of a reckless hurry. Be patient and listen.

2. Attentive- Any great service can only be achieved and provided by listening to the customer and his query without any distraction. It is crucial for you to be mindful and alert when the customer is talking to you. You should also acknowledge what the customer is saying by responding with a 'yes' or 'okay' throughout the interaction.

3. Fluent communication- Understand the fact that when you are dealing with a customer over the phone, your communication can only create the desired impact. Therefore, it is all the more essential for you to be at your top game while conversing in the English language. Ensure you do not mumble and have a clear and crisp interaction in fluent English.

Conversational Example:

Customer Rep- Good afternoon, sir. My name is Jane. How may I help you?

Customer- I am calling as I've got a query. The bill that has been sent to my address is higher than my usage. I feel I've been overcharged. Could you please check and let me know what's the status?

Customer Rep- Sure, sir. Please help me out with your name and number.

Customer- Raj Khanna. The number is 96xxxxxxxx.

Customer Rep- Thank you for the information, sir. Please give me a moment.

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Customer- Certainly.

Customer Rep- Sir, I have just checked your bill and the billing amount mentioned here is 5,000 Rs. Am I right?

Customer- Yes. That's my bill. I couldn't believe the amount and so had called for an itemized bill, but even after that, there is an extra charge worth Rs. 200 that has no mention anywhere.

Customer Rep- Yes, sir. According to your account information, the extra charge is for the late payment of your bill in the month of December. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Customer- Oh! Yes, yes. I remember now... I was out of the country and hence had made a late payment. You're right. I will clear this bill by tomorrow itself.

Customer Rep- Yes, sir. Anything else I can help you with?

Customer- No thanks! It was great talking to you Jane and thanks for giving all the clarity related to  the bill.

Customer Rep- Happy to help, sir! Have a great day ahead.

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It is an understood fact that not having an English speaking fluency could make speaking to customers an intimidating task. However, preparing in advance for a phone call in English is one of the best ways to overcome these difficulties and build a healthy rapport with your customers.

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- By Chander Madan

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