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English Speaking TestLearning English takes a lot of effort, right. We know you all have been learning and practicing English diligently. Hopefully, our blogs, tips, and guidelines are proving to be helpful.

The best way to learn English is to practice, practice and practice. Practice speaking whenever you are in the company of someone who speaks fluent English. Practice reading in all of your free time, practice listening, by listening to English news or watching English TV serials and movies.

Surely, you must have gained a certain amount of mastery over the English language. So let us put that to test. Here is a simple online English-speaking test for you all to take. All you have to do is pick the right answer from the options given under each question.

1. Suresh ___ very tall.

a) is

b) are

c) has

2. She ___ like football very much.

a) don't

b) doesn't

c) hasn't

3. How ___ does one lesson cost?

a) Many

b) much

c) is

4. There ___ a big playground next to my house.

a) is

b) are

c) have

5. I ___ agree with you.

a) doesn't

b) haven't

c) don't

6. Nisha can't .... tennis. She's broken her arm.

a) to play

b) playing

c) play



7. ___ some more tea?

a) Would you like

b) Do you like

c) You'd like

8. Last week we ___ to Worli.

a) go

b) went

c) goes

9. I ___ the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday.

a) doesn't like

b) haven't liked

c) didn't like

10. Manisha ___ in Europe for her holiday last year.

a) was

b) were

c) is

11. My mother ___ never been to a cricket match.

a) hadn't

b) haven't

c) has

12. Jiya ___her new mobile phone.

a) is losing

b) loses

c) has lost

13. ___ ever seen a comet?

a) Did you

b) Have you

c) Do you

14. If I were rich, I ___ buy a huge cart.

a) will

b) shall

c) would

15. They ___ pass their exam if they studied hard.

a) would

b) will

c) did

16. I wish I ___ play a musical instrument.

a) can

b) could

c) should

17. When Girish arrived at the house, Hema ___.

a) already left

b) has already left

c) had already left

18. If I ___ on holiday to Kerala, I wouldn't have met Disha.

a) didn't go

b) haven't gone

c) hadn't gone

19. By the time you get this letter I ___.

a) will have left

b) am going to leave

c) would leave

20. A: What are you doing tonight?
B: I'm not sure, I ___ to the cinema.

a) will go

b) would go

c) might go

Taking an English test online is an easy and fast way of finding out your progress. There are many online English-speaking tests available that will help you gauge your English speaking level and also give you tips on improving on your mistakes. eAgetutor is one such portal where you can take an English test online and put your skills to set.

(Answers: 1. a, 2. b, 3. b, 4. a, 5. c, 6. c, 7. a, 8. b, 9. c. 10. a, 11. c, 12. c, 13. b, 14. c, 15. a, 16. b, 17. c, 18. c, 19. a, 20. c).

English Test Online

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 - By Shailja Varma

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