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5 Supplier negotiation tips


For any business to function smoothly, negotiations are vital. It ensures that a company receives its raw materials and supplies in time. The art of communication forms the basis of a successful negotiation.

A progressive business firm needs a stable and strong supply chain for normal functioning of their business. Moreover, consistent supplies can only be guaranteed if you have excellent rapport with your suppliers. Professional and friendly negotiations with your suppliers will ensure that you lay a strong foundation for long and successful business partnership. But any successful dialogue should involve the use of professional English for conversation. Your supplier may be an international agent located in a far off place. English is the only medium by which you converse with him to get your orders in a timely manner.


Five tips for effective supplier negotiation:

1. Focus on communication

Emailing is safe and easy, but when you strive to establish a stable relationship, conversing over the phone helps a lot. It can also be leveraged in future negotiations. Effective communication involves active listening and being responsive to issues. Don't dilly dally over the suppliers' concerns and address them immediately.

2. Research

It always helps to do some research while entering into negotiations. While this is to ensure safety of your business interests, the supplier will also appreciate your professionalism when you come into negotiation fully prepared. It is also a good idea to research on the general market cost of the raw materials and other supplies, as it will give you more room for negotiations. You will also come across many technical jargons in English while doing a good research.

friendly negotiations

3. Be aware of the lingo

Lingo means the English words used in a particular industry or sector. Be aware of English vocabulary used in your industry or sector. This will ensure that you are fully aware of the words used in any negotiation. You will be able to come out of the negotiation with a win win deal.

4. Be the supplier

Keep yourself on the supplier's side while negotiating. This will enhance your active listening skills. Thinking like a supplier will make you empathize with his situation and accordingly negotiate. The supplier will not think that you are out to hustle or cheat him and will be more agreeable to your demands. Active English listening skills are developed only when you learn to understand your listener's views and opinions.

5. Find mutual areas

Rapport is built when you find something in common. While negotiating with your supplier, find mutual areas of interest wherein you find a common ground. This will even give you headway while negotiating. Use your English conversational skills to your advantage while finding a common ground.

negotiations are vital

The above tips will ensure that you get the most from your supplier negotiations. Always remember that negotiations are to create a win win situation for both the parties. For more confidence in your next negotiation round, you can improve your spoken English with the help of consistent practice and an online English trainer.

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- By Shailja Varma

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