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How to handle a guest with young children and elderly people?


You are the customer relations executive at Grand Sheraton and a guest comes in with his young son and elderly parents. Kids are cute and adorable but they do create a lot of commotion. On the other hand, when you have elderly guests, there are certain special requirements that you need to fulfill. With your fluent English speaking skills, you can manage and service the customers such that they do not face any inconvenience. Keep the below things in mind before proceeding.

Things to keep in mind

1. Keep other customers in mind

There is a chance that other guests may be inconvenienced with the antics of the kids and special assistance needed to look after elderly persons. While catering to their requirements, you need to ensure that other guests are not inconvenienced unnecessarily. While most of them may be reasonable, there might by members who are short-tempered.

2. Treat them as their own

Guests tend to patronize those hotels that take good care of their loved ones. Make the guest feel that their family presence is valued in the hotel. Make use of every facility available to ensure that the guests, kids and elderly persons have a good time in your hotel. Convey to them in fluent English that your hotel has every amenity available to make them comfortable and relish their stay.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: A guest walks in with his son, who is a toddler, and his elderly father.

You: Welcome to the ABC hotel Sir.

Guest: Hi, is my reserved room ready?

You: Yes Sir. That's a cute kid you have there.

Guest: Thanks. But he really is a devil. I was wondering, as you can see, my father is quite old and needs special care and assistance. Is your hotel having any senior facilities?

You: Definitely Sir. For special cases like yours, we have specialized attendants who are trained to deal with senior individuals. We even have an in-house expert doctor for any medical emergencies. Rest assured, your father would enjoy his stay here.

Guest: That's great! Do you have any special playing areas for young kids? How safe is your hotel for kids his age?

You: Of course Sir. We do have special areas where kids of his age can play. The hotel lockers are child proof and we have cartoon channels for him to enjoy. He can even make new friends in the playing area.

Guest: That's wonderful. I am really glad that I selected this hotel. Can I have my keys?

You: Our pleasure Sir. Here they are!

The above sample conversation will help on how to deal with guests who have small kids and require special assistance. By conversing with them in fluent English, you can convey to them the professionalism and customer friendliness of your hotel. However, maintaining proper language standards is essential as guests from different countries can visit your hotel. Strive for complete English perfection with the help of an online English tutor. You can also practice such conversations with your friend for increased confidence.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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