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How to write an offer letter?


An offer letter or an appointment letter is an important document as it is the first written communication that takes place between a new employee and the company. Hence, the offer letter needs to be professional adhering to a company's rules and policies, at the same time, self explanatory and precise.




What should offer letter include?


An offer letter is a written document of your intent to hire the person addressed in the letter. Even though, you would like to customize and formulate each letter as per the candidate and post, you could make use of one professional and proficient letter to enable you to form the other letters around the same/ similar guidelines. Make sure to speak good English while handing the letter over, as you need to explain to the newbie what exactly the letter communicates.


Create 'Letter' Templates:


Recruiting employees includes preparing job descriptions, checking applications, short listing, interviewing, selecting employees and generating the required paperwork and letters to complete the process. All of which require you to keep your spoken English conversation seamless. As recruiting is almost something that is carried out on an ongoing basis, creating a standard letter template and format is a smart alternative.




Sample Letter:


Here is a sample employment offer letter that you can make use of:


Kourtney Schimmer

Human Resource Manager

Darion Designs Company Inc.

440, 12th Road, Khar (w)

Mumbai, 400052

August 28, 2013


Ralph Asveda

10th Road, St. Andrews Villa,

1st Floor, Bandra (E),

Mumbai, 400051


Re: Offer of Employment.


Dear Ralph Asveda,


As per our discussion in my office, on the August 16, 2013, we are extending to you an offer of employment as a Marketing Analyst. If you accept the offer of employment put forth by our company, the following terms and conditions will apply.


You are expected to begin work on September 1, 2013.


We do have certain benefits packages including, health insurance and disability insurance, which you will be entitled to after completion of your probation period of three months.


In addition, you will be entitled to fifteen days paid leave due to illness or personal issues each calendar year in accordance with our sick leave policy, which may be modified from time to time.


Your monthly salary as concluded by us would be 38,000 INR until you have served your probation period efficiently. After which, you could be a qualified candidate in terms of the annual appraisal policy our company possesses. Do get in contact with me if you have any queries regarding the same. Welcome aboard and we hope to establish a professionally magnificent relationship with you.


Warm Regards,

Kourtney Schimmer

Human Resource Manager


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Final Tips:


The offer letter needs to be handed over to the employee only after you have had a verbal discussion with the candidate. As an HR executive, it would be ideal if you speak in fluent English with your employees, old or new. Remember, you should extend an offer letter only after having a clear verbal conversation about the salary and negotiation of the same. Make a copy of the job letter, one for either of the parties. Get both signed by the candidate and remember to keep a smile on your face at all times.


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