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How to Use 'Wh' Question Words?


Learning is a continuous process. Whether it’s English writing or speaking, you learn something new every day. Read the following examples:
“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
“Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.”

The above examples are pangram sentences, which uses every alphabet. But, how do these sentences form? When was it first made? Who made it? Have these questions ever crossed your mind? It is said that the more we question, the more we learn and understand. The questions you ask must be in the right context. You should know when to use which “Wh” question words to get the required answer.“Wh” question words are – why, what, how, when, which, who etc.

In today’s blog, we will teach how to use “Wh” question words in the sentences.

WH questions

1. When

When is used to ask about time.


a. When did he leave?

b. When will she reach?

2. How

How is used in two ways. First to ask the manner and the second one to ask about condition or quality.


a. How does this plan work?

b. How was your practical exam?

How is also used with adjectives/ adverbs to ask about the degree or extent to which something is done.


a. How far is the airport from your house?

b. How long will it take to reach there?

c. How many people are coming for the party?

d. How much effort will you take?

3. Why

Why is used to ask a reason or for making a suggestion.


a. Why are you late?

b. Why don’t you leave early?

4. What

What is used to ask for information about something or for repetition/ confirmation of the information? It is also used for asking reason. What…for?


a. What is your concern?

b. What? What are you saying?

c. What did you say?

5. Where

Where is used to ask for the place or location.


a. Where do you live?

b. Where are they going for their honeymoon?

6. Which

Which is used to ask the choice.


a. Which one do you want? Blue one or green one?

b. Which one do you prefer?

7. Whose

Whose is used to ask about ownership.


a. Whose car is this?

b. Whose jacket is that?

8. Whom

Whom is used to ask what or which person or people. It is always an object in a sentence.


a. Whom do you want to meet?

9. Who

Who is used to ask what or which person or people. It is a subject to a verb in a sentence.


a. Who was calling me?

Hope the above examples will clear your concepts on the usage of “wh” words. In order to improve your English, you can join a Spoken English course and learn English grammar and its usage with ease.

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-By Chander Madan

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