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Top tips to prepare for IELTS exam


IELTS examination is a near-mandatory doorway that people, planning to study or work overseas in countries where the main language of communication is English,have to get through. Similar to an entrance test for certain professional courses or government institutions, the IELTS test aims to determine the proficiency of candidates in the English language.


The evaluators use this test to identify different facets of English communication amongst prospective migrants to a predominantly English-speaking nation for work or studies. The key factors tested are their ability to listen, comprehend, write and speak in English language keeping in mind the key parameters that are grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cohesion.

The duration of the IELTS examination is two hours and forty-five minutes. The listening test continues for thirty minutes and one hour each is taken by the reading and writing tests. Just fifteen minutes are then allowed for the candidates to prove their proficiency in English communication. Candidates are graded out of a maximum of 9 marks that they can score.

As with any exam, the key to success in an IELTS test is the quality of preparation. Of course, how you do in the exam is as important but that is often a function of the pre-test preparation and practice. Let’s delve into how to prepare well for the test.

Rigorous preparation for IELTS

It is understood that a candidate can only pass the IELTS examination in flying colours if he prepares rigorously for it. As the test comprises both written and oral aspects, the candidates are required to develop some crticial English communication skills.

This is where a IELTS coaching centre like has a major role to play. Joining a IELTS test preparation centre provides the candidate crystal-clear clarity on the exam’s structure and pattern, including the number of questions required to be answered in each section and the answering techniques appropriate for those. Preparation for a test is about being ready for the questions being asked and knowing how to answer them, afterall!

Besides formal online training. Students should also leverage various free online resources for additional practice.

Technical aspects of IELTS test

Various aspects that candidates preparing for the examination need to ponder over include single and double-lined paragraphs, bar graph, pie chart and processes. The candidate can practice these writing components online as well.

Reading exam asks a student to practice sample reading techniques along with table completion, summary completion and factors' selection among many others.

Appearing for IELTS Test

The online tutors helping you prepare for this test will provide you valuable tips on completing the test within the stipulated two hours and forty five minutes.

A candidate who tends to learn grammar and vocabulary online has a high chance to pass the test successfully. After finishing a mock test online, the candidates can see their score to judge their chances in the real examination.

A really crucial aspect of the test is vocabulary and a candidate who scores well in this segment also holds the chance to score well in the real test.

Summary of tips for IELTS preparation

The first and foremost thing to do is to get familiarized with the format of the test for which you need to refer the IELTS official website.

The four skills put to test are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Preparing for IELTS can be done through seamlessly incorporating the IELTS practice in your day to day routine.

Here are few tips that will help you to prepare for the IELTS exam:

3 Tips to prepare for IELTS listening test

1. Interact more in English with people, either face to face or over phone.

2. Listen to English news channels like BBC. CNN.

3. Listen to group discussions, debates and speeches.

How to be ready for the IELTS reading test

1. Here the secret mantra is READ, READ, READ!!!. Newspapers, essays, short stories, novels, editorials, anything that you can lay your hands on.

2. Reread the same text to comprehend it better. You might get a whole new perspective of the text when you read it again.

3. When you read anything, try to figure out the crux of it. Don’t read just for the sake of reading.

Get set for the IELTS writing test

1. It would be a wise thing to jot down the main points while reading any passage. Try to analyze the message conveyed and write it down.

2. Writing essays and paragraphs would be quite useful. While writing,focus on the core point. Do not deviate.

3. For writing,grammar is very important. Ensure that your writing is grammatically correct.

How to ace the IELTS speaking test

1. While answering questions, try to be specific but at the same time avoid mono syllable replies.

2. Your response should be quick, but clear.

3. Ensure that you have enough knowledge about what you are speaking.

4. Confidence is a vital element. Your responses should not reflect any confusion.

It might seem to be a daunting task but once you develop your core English skills by continuous practice and learning from your mistakes, passing the IELTS test with a good score isn’t as daunting as it seems!

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