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How to make an effective sales call?


International companies induce prominent sums of monitory inputs in their call centers. Having done so, they wish to make sure all the administration operations in the company are consistent and maintain a smooth flow. In addition, their main concern often is to make sure they have satisfied customers that maintain a loyal connect with the company on account of the speed and quality of service the employees render. Hence, it is crucial for the employees to understand their value in the company, speak in fluent English and deliver more than what is expected out of them to be noticed as an enviable employee .

There are numerous ways to improve your sales call quality and ensure you make more than the desired target every passing month. Let us look at the top 5 secrets followed by ace call center agents:


1.) Effective greeting:

The way you greet your customer, should be specific to the organization. This means, that you must consider the culture of the organization, the types of services/ products you offer and the sort of customers you handle. Keeping in mind these technicalities, do not sweep aside the ever craved for friendliness and warmth. Remember you are greeting your customer, not chasing him/ her away by your broken English speaking skills.

Some of the top greetings are as simple as ever, take a look:

Sample 1: "Good Morning, this is Dave. How may I assist you?"

Sample 2: "Good Afternoon. My name is Dave. What can I do for you?"

Sample 3: "Hi, this is Dave. How may I direct your call?"

Sample 4: "Thank you for calling Altius products and services. This is Dave and I am happy to help you."

Sample 5: "Hello, you've reached Altius products and services. How may I serve you?"


2.) Exceed customer expectation:

Be the unconventional agent who really cares for his/ her customers. Whenever the caller throws an angry reply, relax and breathe. Gather all useful vocabulary of English language, and show empathy. No customer can be mad for long with a person who is showing grave empathy for the situation he/ she is in. Take ownership of the problem and make every earnest effort you can ,to try and resolve it. In addition, if you have committed to the customer that you will call back, make sure to do so. On receiving the call from the agent, the customer will certainly not refuse to fill in some feedback about your service once the call is decently completed.

3.) Bid the ideal good bye:

Get into the courteous habit of saying 'Thank you' once done with the call. The reason is simple, everyone likes to be validated.

Sample 1: "Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I really appreciate the feedback."

Sample 2: "Thank you for following up on the issue; I'll get back to you as soon as I have an update on the same."

Sample 3: "Thank you for the call. Your call is crucial for us, let me look into this and get back to you by this afternoon?"

Sample 4: "We appreciate your call, let me get an update on your concern from my manager, I will call you right back. Thank you."

Sample 5: "Thank you for calling. I will discuss the same with my manager and drop in an email with all the details you require."


Understand the fact that good customer service is all about bringing customers back. Send them off with a smile on their face when they hang up, at least enough to pass a positive feedback about your company to other potential customers. Improve your spoken English skills and avoid making mistakes dealing with callers.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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