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Top 5 Tips to Learn To Speak English Fluently


Knowledge of English , a global language, has become a necessity for all in the recent years. Everyone wishes to speak in English like an expert. But there is no magic pill that will ensure English fluency overnight for anyone. However these 5 smart tips will go a long way in enhancing your confidence and language fluency.

Speak English

1. Make the first step

Do not waste time thinking about speaking as it will only make you nervous. Try speaking in English whenever you get an opportunity. Be it with friends, family or you can even to talk to yourselves in front of a mirror or in front of an imaginary class. Make a count on how many times you speak in English in say ten minutes. Try to increase the duration because the more you speak the faster will you learn to communicate in English

2. Don’t apologize for not talking in English

Trying to speak in English is more important than actually speaking in perfect English. Practice brings perfection. By talking in English, your confidence in handling the language improves slowly yet steadily. Remember the first time you used a computer. Things were not easy but that didn’t stop you from using computer apps and programs. So, keep doing your best and soon you will start speaking fluent English. So next time when you meet somebody instead of saying you don’t speak English , try saying that I am learning English and see how the conversation goes on smoothly.

Speak Fluently

3. Do not look up the meaning of every English word

If you think that the best way to learn English is to  translate each and every word to your mother tongue, you could be wrong. It won’t take you anywhere as you will be busy translating rather than talking and soon you may become disillusioned with even the idea of speaking in English. Listen to the words that you understand and try to make out the context to take the conversation forward.

4. Try to understand

Stay focused and listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Understand patterns instead of being stuck on grammar or words. Train your ears and the next time when you hear the same phrases you will automatically understand more. You can note down phrases that you hear often in a book and every time you go through these, you will remember to use these phrases and small sentences in your conversation.

5. Dare to make mistakes and learn from it

Fear and inhibition can prevent you from learning English. The mere thought of others making fun at your English is enough to damage your confidence of getting started. Fear will make you less confident that will make you avoid speaking with native English speakers. Chuck out the fear factor, be confident. Everyone makes mistakes and the more you try to converse in English the greater will be your comprehension of this language. So, do not let pass any opportunity to strike up a  conversation in English as it is the constant practice that makes your English refined and stylish. Don’t give up. Nobody is born as an English language expert.

Listen to English, read English articles and above all speak whenever you can and over the time your efforts will definitely pay off. You can learn to speak English fluently with the help of an online English tutor or practice with the help of a friend. Be fluent without any limits!

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- By Chander Madan

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