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How to explain product features to a customer?


An individual in the retail industry is always required to be on his/ her toes and follow the sales mantra to sell the product's features and not just the product. In other words, in sales language, the features describe the sales item best in technical terms. Here features, refer to the advantages that the customer gets on the purchase of the product being sold.

Explaining the product features should ideally be a simple cakewalk. However, when your English communication skills are amiss, it could get an intimidating and complicated task to sell the product features efficiently enough to get the customer to buy the product.

Below-mentioned are a few examples that will help you better your spoken English communication skills, especially when conversing with customers.

Conversational Example:

Situation- You are a sales person at a mobile store in the local mall. You get a customer that enters and inquires about a phone that he/ she is interested in buying yet wants to know about the features it offers. How would you ideally inform him/ her about the mobile specifications in fluent English?

You- Good evening, Ma'am. How may I assist you?

Customer- Hi! I am looking for the Apple iPhone 5S.

You- This way, Ma'am. We have them available in two colors - white and black.

Customer- Great! Could you please run me through the specifications? I'm interested in buying the phone.

You- Sure, Ma'am. Have you used an iPhone before?

Customer- No, not yet.

You- Okay. So, one of the most basic feature of iPhones is its micro Sims. Besides that, the phone functions on the iOS 7 operating system. In addition, as per your requirement, you can also choose between 16, 32 and 64 GB. You are provided with a sufficient inbuilt memory.

Customer- Superb! What about the camera?

You- The camera holds a clarity of 8 Megapixels along with added features such as LED flash and autofocus.

Customer- Okay and what about the battery life? I need something with a strong battery life.

You- In that case, this is the apt phone, for you, as it flaunts a battery life of 51 hours after full charge.

Customer- That's just brilliant. Can I make a pre-booking over the phone? I just need to ask my husband once before investing in this one.

You- Certainly, Ma'am. Just leave your name and number and give us a call as and when you wish to make a booking.

Customer- Amazing! I will call you latest by tomorrow evening. Thank you for all your assistance, you've been a great help.

You- Sure, Ma'am. Happy to help!

Explaining the product features to a customer should have you prepared in advance. You need to have a fair amount of knowledge about the product, an insight of the customer's requirement as well as a hold over the English language. Not only this, you also need to be well prepared and armed to answer all the questions thrown your way by the customer to be able to effectively sell the product without any hassle.

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- By Shailja Varma

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