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How to talk about your future plans, aims and aspirations?


You are the sales in charge at Croma and at the quarterly review meeting, are called upon to put forth your plans, projections, aims etc. It takes a combination of experience and professional English conversation to impress your management audience the feasibility of your projections and plans. Apart from that, many a times, your higher ups ask about your aspirations. You need to put forth your aims and desires in such a way that they take notice and you get what you want. To do that, you must master the nuances of professional English.


Things to remember when you talk about your future plans, aims and aspirations:

1. Proper grammatical usage

Your audience is going to be sophisticated individuals with strong English command. Make sure you are up to their standards, and do focus on grammatical accuracy and logical sentence structure. They should be able to understand the meaning of your sentences in the first instance without asking for clarifications.

2. Be realistic

While laying out plans and aims you need to be realistic. You have the right to dream the impossible, but while laying out in words, you need to be careful, as you will be held accountable for your words.


Sample instances and examples:

1. Stating plans for the future


"I am going to expand in the regional market by increasing tie ups with local large distributors".

2. Projections for the next quarter

Be realistic while projecting or else you can be pulled up for failure.


"The sales can increase by 30% in the next quarter to around 300 TV's per location."
"The revenue generated can be around Rs. Rs.30 crore for the next quarter".

3. What you expect to achieve (in your near future)?

Many a times, the audience may ask about short term goals, for example, target to be achieved in the next 1 year, quarter etc. You should reply in the following format.


"In the next quarter, my target is to increase the workforce to about 30 field sales worker to give a boost to our promotion campaign"
"My short term target is to clock 60 TV sales in a month."

4. What are your goals for the coming year?

The statements related to goals in next year tend to be on the vague side without any specifics.


"Next year, I expect sales force to be doubled."
"I will focus more on customer service next year."

5. Aspirations

This is where you talk about your heart's desires related to your career or work. The sentences usually start with 'I wish' or 'I want';


"I wish to handle the sales department overall."
"I want to be promoted to the post of manager in this department."

future plans

The above sample or conversations show how to state your plans, aims and aspirations in precise English. Make your voice heard with the help of effective spoken English skills. To be able to do it, you need to practice consistently with the help of an online English tutor or with a friend. Practicing with an experienced and knowledgeable person will be advantageous.

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- By Shailja Varma

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