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What is a Sentence?

sentence_1When a group of words are put together to mean something or make complete sense, it is called a sentence. It expresses a complete thought and follows grammar rules of syntax. It has a subject and and a main verb.

•    like I balloons blue (makes no sense).
•    I like blue balloons (makes complete sense and is therefore a sentence).

Kinds of Sentences

The sentences classified by purpose are:
•    Declarative


•    Interrogative

•    Imperative sentence_2
•    Exclamatory


Declarative or Assertive Sentence

sentence_4A declarative sentence makes a statement or states a fact. It states, asserts or declares something. It is not a command, an exclamation or a question. The base form of a sentence is always declarative i. e. states an idea. It is modified to form a question or a command. This is the most common kind of sentence and ends with a period. It consists of a subject and a predicate. Another name for a declarative sentence is assertive.


•    Her name is Priya.
•    Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.

Interrogative Sentence sentence_5

An interrogative sentence is used to ask questions. It ends with a question mark and asks for information or for confirmation or denial. It begins with question words like what, how, do, can, would.

•    Do you know Latin?
•    How can I help you?


Four kinds of interrogative sentences:

a)    Yes and no.
Example: Have you read Harry Potter?

b)     Alternative interrogative

Example:  Would you like tea or coffee?

c)     Wh- word interrogative that elicits an open ended response.
Example: What is the matter?

d)    Tag questions that are tagged onto the end of a declarative sentence.
Example:  Trina loves macaroni, doesn’t she?

Imperative Sentence

sentence_9This can give anything from command /order to request/instruction. They need an audience and are more intentional. The aim is to make the person who is being addressed to do or not do something. An imperative sentence ends with a period or exclamation point. These sentences are used to issue orders. Tag questions are sometimes added to the end of the imperatives. Here the main verb is in the base form.


•    Please pass the pepper.
•    Move out of my way.

Exclamatory Sentesentence_10nce

This sentence says something that is out of ordinary. It expresses a strong emotion and is released because of it. An exclamatory sentence can manifest itself in one or two words or in a full sentence. It ends with an exclamatory mark and can b used to show anger, happiness, love or any other emotion.


•    Wow!
•    What an idea!
•    This is just incredible!


What is the difference between a declarative sentence and an interrogative sentence?

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