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How to create an activity plan for your class?


You are the science teacher at St. Therese Convent High School and are thinking of ways to liven up your class. School kids are at an impressionable age and they find monotonous classes very boring. They are more interested in puzzles and other activities that require their participation. Therefore, it is very important to design activities that incite curiosity, and allow kids to use their intelligence in a fun way. There are many ways to design a great activity plan. The main part is the delivery of plan, which you can do confidently with the help of your fluent English. Then you will be able to communicate with your class better and ensure total and effective participation.

While different subjects have different types of study material, practical, etc., there can be a standard blueprint for an action plan. Science is a vast subject with many aspects such as earth, technology, biology, animals, chemistry, etc. This makes your task of planning an activity easier.

Things to remember when creating an activity plan for your class:

1. Keep changing the routine

Implementing the same activity plan everyday will diminish the effectiveness of the plan. Hence, it is necessary to keep the momentum going with the regular interchanging of class variables. Instead of creating a fixed schedule, surprise your students with activities interlinked with regular classes. It will be a welcome break for them.

2. Ensure full participation

Some students take activities as an excuse to loiter around and waste time. A bit strictness is required to bring them to toe the line and take part in the exercise. Reprimand them in English and make them understand the importance of such activities. Explain to them how participating in the activities can help them improve their subject.

Sample activity plan for science:

Day 1:

In between a lesson, make graffiti of different types of fossil and ask the class to identify the animals. The students will rack their brain for the correct identification and there can even be fun answers as well!

Day 2

Undertake regular class teaching. You can give examples from the previous day activity. You can also praise the student who gave the most correct answers.

Day 3

Make it recycling day. Ask the students to come up with ideas for recycling the daily used items. Award the most innovative ones and show appreciation for their ideas.

Day 4

Celebrate the class as 'practical experiment' day. Show the students simple classroom practical like vinegar volcano that require only basic materials. Allow the students to get their hands dirty with science practical. It will also serve as a welcome break from their routine.

Day 5

Conduct the class as a regular teaching session. You can ask interesting questions from the previous activity classes. If you want, you can even take feedback of the class about the previous activities conducted and ask them for suggestions.

Day 6

Styrofoam challenge day. With the help of a nail polish, you can recycle the Styrofoam back to its original form.

Here is a template for lesson planner, you can make it in an excel format and get the print. Stick it in your classroom or some place where you can refer it easily. Teach such that your students wait for your class. For effective delivery of the plan, you need to be fluent in spoken English. Improve it with the help of an online English teacher.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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